Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 9

Halloween Heart Pendant!

This pendant gives me story ideas...

Last night I decided to make a pendant so I made sure all of my supplies and tools were ready to go. Could it be that this challenge is improving my organizational skills? Doubtful. My house looks like a craft store blew up in it.

Scrapbook paper
Halloween rub-on transfers (I got mine at Target in the seasonal scrapbooking area)
Glossy Accents™
Heart pendant  (I used a Susan Lenart Kazmer bezel from Spellbinders)
Split jump ring
Ball chain

Artisan X-plorer crafting system by Spellbinders
Heart die to match the bezel
Base plate
Cutting plate
I needed these!
Jewelry pliers

The How:

I was just barely awake when I started this project. I grabbed my scrapbook paper and moved my heart die around until I liked the placement. I cut out a rectangle larger than the die and made a “sandwich” with my base plate, the face-up paper, the face-down die, and the top cutting plate. I ran the sandwich through my X-plorer machine and put the perfectly-cut heart with my supplies.

Opened sandwich, post cut.
I really recommend getting a machine of this sort if you are going to make a lot of pendants. The years I spent cutting things out by hand seem like a silly waste of time.

I needed these too...

So I got to work very early and decided to use the time to get this pendant done. I assembled my supplies and got cracking.

Let's do this!!!
I went through each of the rub-on transfers in my supplies and this skeletal tree just seemed to jump out at me. I cut around the design and removed the plastic backing and positioned it in the desired spot. The kit I bought came with a plastic rubbing tool. I used a lot of pressure to rub the transfer onto the paper and held my breath when I lifted the plastic sheet…hooray! All of the design transferred!

So glad the transfers all stuck!

Looks good!

Next, I put a squiggle of Glossy Accents™ on the inside of the bezel and lay the embellished heart face-up on it. I used the rubbing tool to smooth out any air bubbles and let it dry for a few minutes.

More fun than watching glue dry!

I applied a layer of Glossy Accents over the entire paper surface, making sure to avoid air bubbles. As the piece dried I kept an eye out for bubbles forming and popped them with a pin.

Once the gloss was dry, I opened a jump ring and attached it to the bezel’s ring and then slid on a ball chain.

Eerie and elegant and one-of-a-kind!

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