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Still Trimming Down

I've been working my way up to walking in the Susan G. Komen race in May and this week I'm hitting my 3 miles, 4 nights a week goal.  Wish me luck that I don't die on the treadmill, okay?  In other fitnessey news, we roller skated yesterday for 2 1/2 hours and didn't fall or die, so I think we'll be doing that more often.  I don't recall sweating o much after skating when I was little.  Of course I was a wee little peanut back then... Spent the weekend trimming down possessions and trying to make my office somewhat organized.  I'm almost done and can't wait to have everything in storage bins on shelves.  I'll be able to actually breathe easy in there. Writing-wise I've hit a slump with a submission and missed the deadline.  I'm bummed, but I really like the story and might just keep going with it and see where it takes me.  Tonight I'm going to be reading through the upcoming anthology called Chivalry is Dead from May December Public

Keeping Track of My Babies

Time sure flies when you're busy writing.  You forget simple things like when you submitted a story and (sometimes) who you even sent it out to.  A while back I created a simple Excel spreadsheet to track all of my stories with crazy details like when I subbed, if I got a reply email, if it was accepted/rejected/held and when, what the payment per word was, how much they paid me.  You get the idea. Today I spent a few hours updating that spreadsheet and adding a few more columns and just looking at all the lovely colors (yellow means accepted and hot pink means awaiting a decision).  I'm pleased to say that out of 46 tales I've gotten the courage to submit, 20 of those were accepted and 4 are still awaiting a decision.  So I've added a few more pink lines recently.  Yesterday I submitted "Death From Above" and "Being Neighborly" to two anthologies.  I'm doubly nervous because the second one is for a follow-up anthology where the editor real