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Back in Black

Turns out my "booboo finger" is actually broken and the nail is turning a lovely blackish hue.  I always have loved black... Even with a busted finger I've been trying to keep busy with reading and writing and submitting.  Black Corners of a Blood Red Room by Patrick Rutigliano is well worth the buy and I'll be working on a proper review to post on Amazon soon.  When I'm done with Autumn by David Moody I think I'll skip genres to true crime.  Too much horror makes Carey go something-something...  On the writing front, I sent a flash zombie piece to Pill Hill and it will appear in Daily Frights 2013 .  Now I need to submit just 9 more stories to different places to meet my 2012 goal.  Oh yeah! Lately I've been having more and more Halloween dreams and think my brain is telling me to start making goodies.  The ideas are there, I just can't make anything out of clay or paper pulp until this finger stops hurting.  Ah well.  At least the ideas are the


There is nothing like slamming a door on your own finger to make you appreciate the complex mind-hand connection.  It is like I'm learning to type all over again and it isn't pretty. So it turned out I submitted three stories to different publishers.  That means I'm only 9 away from my yearly goal.  Fancy!  I was going to write the ending to a couple stories tonight, but that was before the whole slamming of the finger, so that will wait until sometime in the future.  If you could see the typos I'm making here you would cringe.  Seriously! Slimming isn't going so well today, but I'm trying.  Somehow I'm pretty sure I may have gained a little weight over the weekend...just a hunch. Okay, gonna quit the blog now because it is taking longer to fix the typos than it is to type the blog.  Bah!

Salvaged Zombies!

It looks like Rapid Decomposition (an e-anthology by Twisted Library Press) is coming to completion!  My two stories "Outbreak" and "Zombie 101" will appear in it and I'm dancing a jig that they will see the light of day.  Happy times! I've been going through all of my stories I've written and realized that my organizational skills aren't what you call "good."  That said, I have tomorrow off and part of the day I'll be culling extraneous copies of anything I've saved.  With any luck, I'll get it all done in a day...I hope! Tomorrow I will also be submitting a couple short stories.  They too became homeless when the anthologies were killed.  Here's hoping they find homes again!

It Lives!!! (mostly)

Well, I did not die over the weekend, though it sure felt like it on Friday...  I'm now convinced I've been having gallbladder attacks and decided to take steps to ensure that they are fewer.  (aka cutting out that damned FAT from my diet)  Seems like everytime I had an attack was after eating something with fat in it (grilled cream...pasta w/ olive oil and parm...) so I'm trying to cut as much fat from food as I can.  It actually coincides well with jumping back into The Slimming project. Last night I spent two hours working on a very old story that might just see print in the future.  It was neat to re-read it and try to weave in the editor's suggestions.  I think it totally works and am excited for him to read it.  Hopefully I will complete it tonight and send it his way. Another project has been weaseling its way into my head and I fear all other projects will be pushed aside until this little boy's story can be told.  It breaks my heart