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Bacon On My Mind

There's been lots of talk on the Library of the Living Dead forum about bacon lately and I have an idea for a horror story that includes bacon...Kevin's bacon to be precise.

Nine is Fine

I'm pleased to announce that "The Dark Ride" will appear in the upcoming horror anthology Horrorology . Glad I found that one a home. So that makes 9 short stories slated for publication this year--it kind of seems surreal. Okay, now to get to work writing more.

Time, Lack Thereof (see also Carey's Summer)

Friday was an all-day house cleaning bonanza that spilled over into Saturday morning and a little of Sunday morning too. Had the family over for Father's day so I got zero words written for my werewolf story. That's good though, because now I can refocus on it as a novelella instead of a short since I can't make it fit the theme of the anthology. Need to read some chapters of my friend's book that I promised I'd critique though. I think I'll do that tonight. What's summer vacation again?

Working Harder, Not Smarter

I'm working 10 hour days for the next 8 weeks so I think I'll have to switch up my writing habits to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday mornings. That is when we don't have a zillion things going on... What is summer again?

The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love

This is just an update to today's earlier post. I got an email back from the editor and she liked it! My story "The Witches in the Walls" will appear in the upcoming "Tales from the Cauldron" anthology (Library of Horror Press). As corny as it sounds, I teared up as I read it and got a little choked-up. That was the hardest thing (emotionally) I've written in a while and it was such a relief to have it be met with approval. I need to do this full time.

Out of Steam

After a long weekend of editing and worrying and re-reading, I just re-submitted "The Witches in the Walls" and I hope it fits the bill for the anthology. If not, it was still a blast to write. The only bad side was "reliving" what happened to the family over and over and over. Physically, emotionally, and mentally I'm spent. I'm taking a day off from writing and just resting my mind.

Right In Front of My Eyes

How I settled on my witch tale: I started thinking about things that scare me and the Foot Monster of my childhood came to mind but I quickly dismissed this because a witch with a foot fetish just didn't seem scary enough. Then I started thinking about houses where witches might live and voila! I remembered my story "The Faces in the Walls" that got a nice rejection and "we're sure you'll place it elsewhere." Well, I think with a little spit and polish it might just make one heck of a scary witch story. Back to it....

Another Go

I decided to submit "Frank Bodine's Hand" to Weird Tales. I love this story and really want it to find a home! I'll find out in 6-8 weeks whether they want it or not. (gee, the time will just fly by) Now on to stories with witches in them. I need some better ideas that haven't been done to death. *think think think*

Weekend Spoilers

Wow, two rejection emails in the same weekend. They weren't as soul-crushing as the last one I received so I'm rather...I guess happy isn't the right word, but maybe hopeful. Sure, hopeful sounds good. Once again I was out in the sun for a brief period and now I have hives on my hands and scalp. Allergy meds to the rescue....

Out of Steam

I fear that I had such a flurry of writing that I have lost momentum. This troubles me. I have projects to work on but no motivation. Must get rid of this slump...