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A Real Sicko

That's me. I've got the start of a nasty cold and that makes me a little cranky today. Ah well. I'm waiting to hear back on "Knock Once For Yes" and "Space Freaks" and "The Inheritance" and also "The Garlicky Goat of Marinara Mountain." The last one is a children's story and has a wait time of about 4 months. We'll see how that turns out...

Waiting Game

I finished "Knock Once For Yes" and submitted it last night. That makes 3 stories I'm waiting on responses for. Yikes! I received the editor comments for "Amun's Curse" and sent the revisions off (you have no idea how excited this made me!) and today I'll start work on a humorous zombie article. I think I need to get a better organizational system to keep everything straight.

Knock Once For Yes...

Oh I love that title! This zombie story is coming along so well, I'm kinda afraid it really sucks and I'm just in a la-dee-dah daze thinking it is fabulous. I'm 1200 words into it with 1800 left to go to meet the minimum word count. Zoinks! Things are getting pretty busy for me so I hope I can finish this up and get everything else buttoned up too. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............

It All Comes Back to Zombies

I finished the revisions for "The Inheritance" and submitted it last night. I'm very nervous about that one for some reason. I got a lovely surprise in my email this morning from the editor of The Scroll of Anubis --a sneak peak at the cover art! It is so amazing...I cannot wait until this book is out! (can't wait until any of them are out) I re-read the old zombie story that I'm revamping and one line made me laugh "Zombies don't eat cake." If I were a zombie, I'm sure I'd eat cake. Especially cupcakes.

No Rest for the Weary

I need to remember that just because one story is submitted doesn't mean I can slack off. There's revisions for another story and a new zombie story to tackle. I'm going to revamp an old one and have a different POV. Good times!

Space Freaks

My alien story seems to have a mind of its own and I'm just the person typing it. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going and finish it today or tomorrow so I can submit it quick.

Spooky Weekend

I've almost finished decorating my house (inside) for Halloween! It looks so neat, I impress myself. I also completed my werewolf tale and shall be revising it today. It isn't due until October but I might send it in early. We'll see... Now to start thinking about aliens and their exploitation and eventual rebellion. Should be fun!

Keeping It Going

Well, I didn't make it in to the apocalyptic anthology and that kinda sucked the wind out of my sails. I think it was just getting two rejections in the span of 5 days that was the stinging part, but I'll just have to work harder. This weekend I'll pour my soul into my werewolf tale and work on the alien story I came up with a while back. And of course there's my secret project to work on too. Not much time for play.

Where wolf? There wolf!

I'm so much happier with this version of my werewolf tale. It is cooking along nicely and once I'm done with it I can start an alien story I've been stewing over. Fun times. Zombology II is available through CreateSpace and soon from Amazon (I've purchased my copy...have you???) and that means that hopefully some of my stories will be published soon. *hopes really, really hard* Be on the lookout for Zombology III, Zombology VI, Baconology, The Scroll of Anubis, Night of the Giving Dead, The Ladies of Horror, Horrorology, Tales from the Cauldron, Vampology, and Zombie Feary Tales. (end of shameless plug)

Back in the Saddle

I got a lot written last night and I think it works now. Very happy. I had so much creativity flowing through my veins, I even made a bunch of Halloween ornaments/jewelry. I shall finish the story today *hopes* and get some more decorations put up at home.

The Drawing Board

Spent the weekend picking apart why the story was awful and I think it was just flowing too slowly. I can only imagine the reader getting bored and turning to the next story. So, I'm going to try to get everything I have typed up (4K words) down to 500 to 1K words. That'll ratchet up the tension and it should flow better. *hopes* Okay, now I just need to get to lunch so I can write it.


Well, "The Inheritance" tanked and I'm hoping to see a phoenix scuttle out from the ruins, but I don't think it is happening today. I'd like to say that things at Work don't bother me, but today anger, frustration, and anger (did I mention the anger?) really are keeping me from wanting to create something wonderful. I think I just need to give my brain a rest for at least a night. Maybe something wonderful will come of all this.

The Inheritance

I'm pretty far along in my latest story (werewolves!) and it seems that a pretty central character might need to die. Ah well. Waiting on a response about my stories "Little Brown Bat" and "Desert Oasis." I'm the queen of patience right now but still keep checking my email way too much. I'm starting to decorate the rest of the house for Halloween and I hope the foster cats don't trash my things. They're very good at investigating high shelves.