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Summing Up August

This month flew by and due to reasons beyond my control the blog was left behind.  Sorry!  But, my home computer will actually let me post now so here we go!  Baconology is available for purchase here .  I got a very nice rejection for a short story that made a short list, so there's lemonade in them thar lemons!  Right now my insides are all a-twist while I wait and wait on the submission I sent to my Dream Magazine Gig.  Their response time is 6-8 has been 7 and I'm a wreck.  I'd love to see "Hair Baby" be my breakthrough piece...ack, hope I didn't just jinx it... I'm maintaining an 18 pound weight loss and am still in the fight.  I should have taken 'before' pics.  Ah well. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer my time helping to relocate an abandoned/neglected cemetery.  It totally re-ignited my love of archaeology and cemented the fact that I WILL sign up for field school next summer.  Life is too short not to follow

Sanding Is a Lot Like Editing

While sanding a Halloween project it occurred to me that, like editing a story, you need finesse when sanding paper mache (or any medium, really).  If you don't sand enough, the imperfections show through and no amount of paint can hide them.  If you get too aggressive, you can gouge out a pretty vital chunk of your project and will be left with a gaping hole.  Pretty deep, huh? tale "Once Upon an Autopsy" didn't make the cut for an anthology I submitted to but it did make the shortlist so there must have been something good about it.  I'll put it in the revision pile and keep working on it until it sparkles.  Now that I don't have to work 10 hour days, I will be tackling a lot of projects after work and I'm really excited.  There's a certain vampire who has an epic tale to be told and he's getting anxious.