Sunday, October 5, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 5

 Candy Corn Painted Wine Bottle!

Um...nailed it?


A few months ago, I saw some adorable candy corn painted wine bottles on Pinterest and wanted to try making them. I think mine turned out okay, but it can definitely be improved upon!

Cautions: Don’t use spray paint in a confined area. Make sure you have good ventilation.

a clean wine bottle
white spray paint
I used whatever paint we had on hand.
orange spray paint
yellow spray paint
a plastic tarp, sheet, or garbage bag

The How:
I put down a plastic garbage bag in our garage and set the bottle up, making sure there wasn’t anything close by. I really didn’t want overspray on anything.

Hooray for poor painting skills!

I shook up the can of white paint and put on a couple coats, letting the paint dry between coats. This took a very long time because it was so cold out. The drips in the paint are a sure sign that this was indeed a handmade craft…

That's some stellar work right there!

Once the paint was dry, I sprayed on the orange (Chevrolet Orange, to be exact). I tried really hard to keep the paint in a pretty consistent band around the bottle, but you can see how well that turned out.

Once the orange dried, I sprayed on the Daytona Yellow paint, again doing a swell job keeping the band consistent all the way around the bottle.  That makes it unique, right?

When the paint was dry-ish, I brought the bottle inside and set it down on some waxed paper. I think it turned out kinda cute and I might be making more of them. I better stock up on some wine…
This will make the Pinterest Fail, I'm sure.

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