Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 1

Creepy Jar w/ Tea Light 

I saw similar lights on Pinterest and thought, “I want to make those too!” After reading various blogs and watching video tutorials, I experimented with supplies I had on hand and the results were pretty cool, but very time-consuming. I came up with a very quick and easy method to make them. Perfect for this challenge!

  • You might want to cover your work surface with newspapers so if you spill the inks, you don’t stain anything. (mind your hands as well…the inks can stain your skin)
  • The ink contains alcohol so make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area and don’t use it near heat or open flames. 
  • Not food safe! Don’t use the finished jars to store ANY food items. 
  • Clean the finished jars with a dry cloth. I’m not sure how water resistant the inks are.
1 clean glass jar (either store-bought or recycled)
Alcohol ink (I used Tim Holtz® Adirondack® Alcohol Inks)
1 LED candle (I used a tea light)
A sense of adventure

The How:

A jar and some ink. What could go wrong?
Make sure your jar is indeed clean and dry. If you have trouble removing labels, adhesive, or ink date stamps, try using a rubbing alcohol-soaked paper towel to remove them. Set jar on your covered work surface, mouth-side-up.

Choose the color scheme you want your finished product to have. My favorite combination is Mushroom and Red Pepper for a nice dried blood look.

Adding "Mushroom"

Open the bottle of Mushroom ink and press the tip of the applicator against the inside rim of the jar. Let the ink flow down the sides, turning the jar while you do so. (don’t squeeze the bottle too hard—you’ll waste ink!) If you see any bare spots, carefully tip the jar slightly on its side to move the excess ink to the bare spots. Close the bottle tightly.

Let the ink dry.

Letting the jar dry

Here we go!
Once it is dry to the touch (a small pool of ink in the bottom of the jar is okay), open up the bottle of Red Pepper ink and add just a few drops of the ink by pressing the applicator tip against the inside rim of the jar and letting a bit drip down the sides. Do not turn the jar! Move the tip to another spot along the rim and repeat. Do this randomly until you are satisfied with the appearance. Close the bottle tightly.

Looks too stripey, lets add more mushroom!
Let the ink dry.

Looks like it is congealing nicely!
Once the inks blend and dry, it will have a different appearance. If you feel it needs more red or brown, carefully add drops of your desired color in just those areas. You’ll just tip the jar to the side and squeeze one drop of ink out, holding the jar in place for a few moments to let some of the ink evaporate so you don’t have a large drip of color.

The "dregs" in the bottom of the jar!


Make sure your inks are completely dry then turn on your LED candle and place it inside. Viola! A creepy candle! Each jar is unique, just like you.

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