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A Gorey day was had!

We finally made it up to Loyola University Museum of Art for the Gorey exhibit! We ended up taking a very scenic route to Michigan Avenue via Evanston, thanks to a slight miscommunication, but we made it downtown in one in piece. Our car even won in a battle against a concrete wall... The expensive parking garage is over there. For a small exhibit, it was impressive and I was delighted to learn that Gorey hand-sewed stuffed creatures--I so want a Figbash of my own! The few etched plates they had on display were impressive and so finely-detailed. It was humbling to learn about his creative process. Yes, they did come in the wrong door. Let's stare at them and make them feel uncomfortable. After the exhibit we headed up to Evanston to Blind Faith Cafe where they have the best Kung Pao I've had in decades. How they make a meatless item to be so similar to chicken is probably some sort of delicious witchcraft. And now I'm hungry for Kung Pao again. The Peach B