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A Crazy 6 Weeks

Why hello there, been a while, hasn't it?  So much is going on right now and I finally have a blessed moment of peace before it starts swirling around me again.  Let's see.... ...I've completed my Haiku Horror Stories book and it is in the hands of the beta readers right now.  I've been experimenting with a back cover and think I've discovered something dreadfully fun.  ...the Slimming continues and I've lost 11 pounds so far with quite a few more to go.  I jogged recently.  Properly jogged (nobody saw me, I made sure of that!) and wheezed and sweated.  It felt pretty nice.  I haven't really jogged since I was 14.  Wow.  Don't I feel old now? ...I believe I've got an A so far in my online class and have learned that I do not want to leave anywhere near a volcano or earthquake zone.  No thanks. ...tomorrow night I teach a jewelry class with the loveliest of Swarovski crystal combinations.  Here it is:     ...and finally, I've got