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I woke up feeling a little blah today with a sore throat and a headache but this made me smile!

The Scroll of Anubis
A Mummy Anthology
by T. Patrick Rooney & Kody Boye
Table of Contents
The Lockwood Collection, By Mary Rajotte
Amunet, By Rhiannon Frater
The Companion of Jacob Bleek, By Jeffery Scott Sims
The Rise of Terefini, By John McCuaig
Let Justice Be Done, By Alva J. Roberts
White Cloud's Return, By Janett L. Grady
Family Under Wraps, By David Bernstein
Styx and Stones, By Malachy Coney
Kiss of Death, By Jessy Marie Roberts
The Jaws of the Jackal, By Patrick Rutigliano
Caves of Gold, By Jim Bernheimer
The Baron and the Cat, By Megan R. Engelhardt
The Legacy of Seshat, By Jameson T. Caine
The Dry Man, By Amanda C. Davis
Amun’s Curse, By Carey Burns
Beneath The Floorboards, By Robert Essig
The Book of Osiris, By Charles Kyffhausen
Balam, By Megan Bamford
Mistress of the Scarab, By Miles Boothe
Egypt, PA, By Wayne Goodchild
The Lurker In The Depths, By Michael C. Lea
The Desecrators, By Paul A. Fr…

I'm a Weeener!

My title was chosen by May December Publications for their upcoming anthology....Chivalry is Dead! In addition to that coolness, I get an autographed copy of Zomblog by TW Brown! But wait, there's more...I have the distinct honor of writing the forward for this book. Woohoo!

I've been churning out more haiku horror stories and working on another zombie story for an anthology. Keeping busy makes me forget about the slush. For a while anyway.

Me Make Funny Ha-Ha

Well, so far the few people that have read "Dracula Meets the Clutter Crew" have given it a thumbs-up. I witnessed one such reader and he laughed at all the right spots, so I consider that a win! It is in the hands (or inbox) of the editor now.

I'm still working away at my Haiku Horror Stories and have a favorite already. Not sure how many of these suckers would constitute a book, but I'll keep writing them and eventually, I'll stop. Here's a freebie:

When you meet John Doe
Try not to look at his hands
Its better that way

If you do see them
You'll see the thick, heavy scars
All pink and tender

And you'll catch a glimpse
Of the stub of a pinkie
With smoothed-over ends

You'll stare at his hands
And wonder how it happened
And get lost in thought

While you are staring
You'll remember a murder
A year or so back

When a girl was killed
And her face burned with acid
To hide who she was

And then something clicks
As you look look into his eyes
You'll smile out of fea…

I've Been Trapped Inside a Handmade Box For Weeks..

I thought I had pushed the queasy slush pile anticipation demons back, but they reared their ugly heads last night so I made 5 little boxes like these:

I made a couple Halloween-themed and they turned out spooktacular! As I get better making them I'm gonna trick out a few with emery boards on the sides so I can really keep matches in them and they'll be useful.

Bye Bye Rat's Nest

I finally have an appointment to get my hair chopped for Locks of Love and I couldn't be happier. My hair likes to snarl and tangle so it can take almost five minutes just to comb through it so it'll be awesome not to deal with that anymore. At the hubby's request, I will be dying my hair black again but I think that'll be in May. I just hope I don't look like I'm trying to cling on to the last strands of my youth by getting it colored...we'll see.

Still Wanna Throw Up, Just Not As Violently

I got the awesome news that my story "Time to Eat" was accepted for the Library of the Living Dead Press anthology "Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters"! I've still got 6 stories out there in various slush piles so the queasiness is still there and now that I've spent a week obsessing, I think that's a good thing. If I send out something and don't have some emotional reaction, that means I don't care anymore. Then what's the point of writing?

Gonna Blow Chunks...

I get so nervous when I submit a story or when I'm waiting to hear if it is accepted or rejected that my stomach feels all wonky and miserable. Well, I'm feeling that way doubly today. I submitted a story called "Picking Up the Pieces" for the Library of Science Fiction &Fantasy anthology "No More Heroes" and I'm waiting to see if "Time to Eat" will get picked up for "Zombidays."

*must do something to distract myself*


Bet that got your attention... I will be walking in the Peoria, IL Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on May 8th. I've never done a 5K before, but there's a first time for everything and it is for a good cause and I know way too many wonderful women AND men affected by breast cancer. I don't see myself running, but I will walk briskly and with purpose. (wearing SPF 100 and protective clothing for sure) If you are so inclined, you can make a donation online at my personal fundraising page

There Will Be Cupcakes

Tomorrow is the big day--36 years old and I'm still a big goof. :D Even if I have to make them myself, there will be cupcakes. Oh yes, there will be cupcakes!

I lamentably didn't get any writing done last night so my goal of submitting a story tomorrow might not come to fruition. With a little luck and a little determination, I might be able to knock it out tonight though. Wish me luck!

Why I'm So Tired Today

Okay, so when I snore the hubby sleeps on the couch rather than wake me up, which is nice, but if he's not in the bed with me I have horrible nightmares. (side note: the other thing that'll guarantee I have nightmares is eating Hormel vegetarian chili from a box) Anywho, last night/this morning was no exception and I dreamed I was not only chased down by a pack of vicious wolves, I was slowly eaten alive. Bones crunched and everything. There must be a story in there somewhere.

Right. So I'm almost done with my super villain tale and I'm more than pleased with it. If only I could channel that feeling into a couple other projects I've got going.