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This Bites

So I ate lunch outside today and got bitten by several weird-looking bugs. I don't know what they were and can't seem to find a picture resembling them, so I'm just going to refer to them as The Little Bastards. Anywho, I was able to swat them away so they didn't feast on me too badly, but I started to wonder...what would happen if you weren't able to move to swat them away or squish them? Now I feel like The Little Bastards are crawling all over me. Yuck. There's a story here, but after writing about bedbugs, I'm a little hesitant to write about these things. I can only be freaked out so much before it stops being funny. In other news, I'm nearly done with a silly tale of three vultures that hatch a scheme to kill people. Just hope I can find a market for it...

Howdy, stranger...

Sheesh, it has been a long time. Let's see, I was delighted to learn that my flash fiction piece "Zombie 101" was accepted along with "Outbreak" into Rapid Decomposition-Living Dead Flash Stories, which will be a PDF compilation of zombie flash fiction. Very spiffy! I just submitted a silly tale called "Dracula Meets the Packrats" and this is a continuation of "Dracula Meets the Clutter Crew" which will appear in Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-ups. I hate that post-submission queasiness but I think if I work my butt off writing something else, it'll take my mind off of the nerves. It's Halloween in my house for sure: the living room is decked out in orange and black and I'm busy making more scary houses. I've even made a sweet little Swarovski crystal spider and am plotting a way to make a bracelet out of it. Pictures to follow... The Ghoultide Gathering is just around the corner and I can't wait to see some inc