Thursday, October 2, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 2

Witch Earrings
Sparkly witch earrings!

I saw the Artemis beads a while ago and thought, “If they come in black, I am so making witch hats out of those!” Well, they do and after much trial and error, I did.

Cautions: The tools required for this project are jewelry tools. Don’t use household pliers or wire snips, you will not get the delicate results you need. If you don’t have these tools, borrow from a friend or go to a craft store to the jewelry supply area and buy an inexpensive set of tools. If you enjoy making jewelry, invest in better quality tools.

2  headpins (I use sterling silver 1.5 inch headpins)
2  10mm round Swarovski crystals in peridot
2  12X9mm Artemis Swarovski crystals in jet
2  12.5mm ring bead Swarovski crystals in jet
2  2mm silver beads (if the headpin is larger than in diameter than the hole of the round Swarovski, you don’t need to use the silver beads)
2  French ear wires (again, I use sterling silver)
A positive attitude
What you need!

A pair of either needle nose or round nose pliers
A pair of flush wire cutters





Things are stacking up nicely...

The How:

Take one headpin and slide one silver bead onto it. Slide a round Swarovski on top of that, then the oval, then the cone.

90(ish) degrees

Make a 90 degree bend in the headpin just above the tip of the Artemis bead.

Repeat for the second headpin and beads.

Loopy! (see the lines on the  pliers)
Make a simple loop with the tip of the headpin. Making a mark on the pliers in permanent marker will help you line up your headpins so the loops should be identical in size.

Repeat for the second headpin.

Twist the loop open, Grasshopper!

Carefully open the loop of your ear wire and slide the loop you just made into it. Carefully close the loop of the ear wire.

Repeat for the second ear wire.

Enjoy these silly, sparkly earrings!

Tah-dahhhhhh! You did it!

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