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Making an epic October

Ah yes, tomorrow is October and you know I'm ready to burst with Halloween excitement. I've been busy busy busy making neato decorations for my house and one night, just as I was about to fall asleep, I had an idea... I love crafts and what better way to get psyched for the big orange and black day than to make a craft each day? And if I'm doing that, why not share it here on the blog? Heck yeah! I present to you... Carey's Creep-a-Day Challenge So, my self-assigned task is to make a different Halloween/spooky/creepy craft each day of the month in October and share with you a photo of the completed craft and how I made it. I might even include some "work in progress" photos. We'll see how this plays out. You'll get 31 craft ideas with instructions and I'll get 31 crafty crafts to keep or share. Talk about a win-win!!! Happy October, everyone! Wish me luck!