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Props to cover artists everywhere

So when I came up with the notion to self-publish a collection of my own short stories, I knew right away what the title would be (Hair Baby and Other Weird Tales) and what the cover would be. Easy peasy. Until I searched images online for book covers that have cat eyes on them. Holy heck, three looked EXACTLY like the cover I worked so hard on and then, a writer friend posted a link to one of his covers on Facebook and of eyes. That scrapped the eerie-green-cat-eyes-on-a-black-background idea. Now what to do, what to do? I tried a blood-red misty fog over a picture of the real Zoey (the cat in "Hair Baby") but it just looks ridiculous.  Then I tried blood spatters and smears which looked even worse.  I'm struggling not only with the concept, but also the program to create it.  I give massive, massive props to cover artists near and far, of every genre.  Your job ain't easy.  Next time you see a cover that knocks your socks off, take a moment to silentl