Monday, October 13, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 13

Accordion Pumpkins

Cute little pumpkins!

Before bed last night, I knew I needed an easy craft for today and decided on these simple pumpkins.

Orange cardstock or paper of your choice
Double sided tape
Small twigs

2 ½ inch circle punch (I used ek tools)
Use these things!

The How:
I’m going to start by saying if you don’t have a circle punch, you can trace out circles using a cup or bowl or lid of some sort. There will be lots of cutting involved so be prepared.

Polka party???

I punched out 8 circles from my cardstock for each pumpkin.

Next, I folded each circle in half so that I had a bunch of orange smiles.

Looks like a smiling cyclops...
Lots of smiles!

I applied a piece of tape to a smile and then stacked another smile on top of it, making sure the edges were lined up nicely.

Tape that smile!
Starting the stack.

I put a piece of tape to the top smile and added another and so on until all 8 were stacked neatly.

3D pumpkin!
Top of the smile stack.

 Note: You could stop here and either tape or glue this to a card to give it an neat 3D effect. If you tape or glued it to the inside fold of a card, it would be a neat pop-up!

Bring it around town...

One last piece of tape on top and I brought the bottom smile to meet the top smile to form a circle.

One down!
Lopsided but just fine!

The bottoms didn't quite line up perfectly, but for what I'm going to do with these, that doesn't matter.

Break a piece of twig 2-3 inches long. Apply a bit of glue to one end. If you pull on opposite "ribs" of the pumpkin, it will open the center of the pumpkin up a little bit so you can put the glue end of the twig down into it. If the twig looks too long, break it off to where you think it will look good. Let dry.

Now you have cute, affordable decorations!
Simple and sort of elegant!

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