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September on the Horizon

Well, September is nearly here and that means my official 3 month long Halloween insanity will begin soon! I've already booked a room near Hell, Michigan so that I can attend the Ghoultide Gathering , created a Halloween House, and traced my friend's arms for a very creeptastic porch decoration... Writing has been a bust lately. I think I've let events in another aspect of my life stifle my creativity and that just stinks. Gotta stand up, shake off the negative, and let the weird out again. I invite you to do the same.

Just Eat a Cupcake

While perhaps not the BEST strategy for dealing with stress in life, it certainly is a delicious strategy. So much has been going on lately but nothing I want to blog about, so mind your business. (just kidding!) The Zombist is available for purchase so if you've got a hankering for cowboys and Indians and zombies, (who DOESN'T?) check it out! My little tale is the 2nd one, right behind Eric S. Brown. If you know zombies, you know who he is. Now that work is back to normal hours, I've had time to finish books I've started and am so happy! Empire by David Dunwoody is incredible and left me wanting more...I'm lucky, there is a sequel on the horizon. Yay! I'm also nearly finished with The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole and the darn book is like some itch-inducing drug and I can't seem to put it down, no matter how dirty it makes me feel... Not much full-on writing going on but I've written a poem for a bad poetry contest. I think it's

Writing Is Tough But Trying To Get Your Name Out Is Tougher

Well, I sent what I believe is the third email to Author Central (Amazon) to get a writer's page. My stories do appear in real books so I should be able to set up a page. You would think so anyway... Anywho, I still keep struggling with what background I want for my (eventual) web page and I think I had a breakthrough last night. With any luck, I'll get the artwork done this Friday. Or if I'm ambitious, perhaps tomorrow before my follow-up doctor appointment. The Writer's Block has me in its grip right now and I'm feeling a little morose. I do have ideas for stories, but no writing to show for it. Not a fan of The Block.