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Mid-December Update

One would think I fell off the planet after the whole Creep-a-Day circus ended, judging by the state of this lonely blog. This is partly accurate. Writing anything has been pushed so far off the back burner, the pan is back in the fridge. Life gets complex and hectic and so many people need so much that something (sadly) has to get dropped. I'm sad that it was my writing that suffered.  To make that sadness worse, the few stories I had out in Submission Land found their way back to me with resounding "well-written, not quite what we're looking for, best of luck finding a home for this one" wishes. (I always wonder if they really mean "Good luck trying to find a home for this piece of crap! ") Anywho, after Thursday, I should have all of my commitments and demands sated so I can sit for hours and hours over my holiday break playing with words. I'm excited, nervous, and scared. I've even got myself a nice schedule set up for blog updates in 201