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A Post and a Story!

After a looong absence, I'm back and I have a flash story to share with you, thanks to Chuck Wendig and his hamazing challenge . I present to you....Gravedigger's Thunderhead... (yes,'hamazing' is a typo, but I'm so keeping it) Gravedigger’s Thunderhead by Carey Burns Albert squinted toward the west and rolled up the window of his truck, slamming the door hard against the too-tight hinges. "Gonna be a bad one, Ray." Ray shrugged, leaning against a tombstone. "It don't look like much to me." One look at the towering green-tinged mass of clouds told Albert different. "You know what that is?" He pointed at it, striding toward the small wooden shack nearby. "That's what we call a Gravedigger's Thunderhead. You’re young, so you don't know, but when you see clouds like that, you get your ass to shelter or you end up work for the gravedigger." Ray smirked and followed, staring skyward. &qu