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Ever have one of those days when ten important things must be done at the same time and while you're doing those ten important things, someone comes along and drops major bombshells (that may or may not be true) on you? I'm spent, my focus is gone, and I can't even think about writing anything right now.

Being One of THOSE Fans and Zombie Girls

I was fortunate enough to see Neil Gaiman do a reading last night and got lovely pics of him during the event like this: and this: But my favorite pic has to be of the purloined waterbottle at its new home on my bookshelf: Right. While messing with color and saturation and what-not on an old photograph (part of my Other People's Families collection) I had an epiphany: I'm going to make zombie girl jewelry. Can't wait to post pictures of the results!


Well, I heard back from the publisher I sent "The Garlicky Goat of Marinara Mountain" to and although they passed, they were very nice about it. I'm still waiting to hear from another publisher about "The Tale of Oyster Bill." *crosses fingers* In other news, Library of Horror has announced a serial killer anthology. I actually have a few projects that might work for this. We'll see if one will work out and if the editor likes it...

The Excitement of Writing for Fun

I've been writing for the past year with the goal of being published and haven't really written anything just for me, just for the heck of it in a while. I enjoy taking a theme and letting my imagination wrap around it to form a story but there's something thrilling about having a wild story just leap from the deep recesses of your brain out onto the paper. I have 3 projects I've put on hold because the fire has fizzled out and last night I just wrote and wrote and wrote a new wild story that needs to answer to no one, doesn't have to be anything to any editor, isn't anything but horror. Maybe someday I might shop it around but right now it is just mine.

Like Pouring Bleach on 1000 Pin Pricks

This very cold Valentine Weekend was spent out on the farm helping the folks get things packed up and moved for the big Final Farewell. It is always kinda depressing but the sadness gets pushed aside by the hard physical labor and the cold. Yesterday we uncovered Treasures in the attic (after breathing in much fiberglass insulation and dust) and had lots of laughs over old fashion and creepy toys. I hope my sister is true to her word and dons her Hammer Pants and Lace Top for her next Facebook profile'll be rockin. After some much needed rest tonight I will clean up all of my Treasure and display it in the house. One of the creepiest finds will become my Facebook profile picture and I cannot wait.

Things I Never Thought I'd Write About

My character (still unnamed) is taping a mason jar to his inner thigh to serve as a toilet. And he has zipper bags for solid waste. Intrigued? Disgusted? Me too! My story passed the 2K word count and is too short for most markets but we'll see if I can find it a home once I polish it up and put it in a fancy dress with lots of ribbons and lace.

Rattle Your Windows

Apparently there was a earthquake not too far away in the wee hours of the morning. The hubby was awakened by it but I slept the sleep of the weary and didn't stir. Ah, Mother Nature. The one thing humans can't control. I actually started a story last night called "The Bleeding Planet," an apocalyptic tale about man putting the desire to preserve their political freedom over their own survival as a species. (so its a feel-good kind of story)

Hey Look, It Stopped Snowing

I really dislike snow and cold. I used to think it was okay and that it covered all the ugliness in a pretty white blanket, but that enchantment has long since passed. I feel the same way about snow as I did about rain in Arizona: not a fan. On a different note, my "prequel" is over 3,000 words and humans are still looking like the bad guys. Tonight I hope to get at least another 500-700 words written. I'm aiming low...

25 Days Until Neil

That's right, I will be one of hundreds of fans swooning and laughing and applauding on February 23rd when Neil Gaiman makes an appearance in Naperville, IL for Naperville Reads. I might bring a graphic novel for him to sign (if he's signing anything) and I might also give him a package of Death tattoos that I've had for too many years than I'd like to admit. (that means I'm old) In other news, I'm almost caught up on all of my jewelry orders. The whole special order concept is great, except when it takes me weeks to get the right beads. I've been favoring one supplier lately because they offer free shipping on orders over $10 but they don't have as big of a selection of beads. Ah well. Once I get the time, I might post some pictures here of my latest obsession: fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Crying Over Spilt Ginger Ale

One of the cats urped on the carpet so I had to clean that up before leaving for work and then as I was slinging my tote bag over my shoulder, I knocked an entire glass of ginger ale off the table and onto the floor. Yet another thing to clean up, which made me a few minutes late today. Ah well.


Sometimes I wonder whether or not writing is aging me. I kinda want to do a pictorial experiment, kinda like how they show mug shots of meth heads and how much older/unhealthy they look as their addiction progresses. I know I've gained weight, but I feel so tired from my brain going full tilt and my bones ache from sitting so much. Last night I had someone tell me I looked exhausted. (just what I wanted to hear) Ah well. Maybe I am just tired after all.

We'll Call It "Carey's World"

I'm getting to delve deeper into the history behind my fairy tale and I'm borrowing from a lot of Celtic and Norse myth for my world. There's giants, fairies, ogres, trolls, dragons, talking animals, and a very wise chameleon. Everything is magical. Everything. But then things happen and the magic starts to disappear. I can't wait to finish writing this book!

Other People's Families

So I hit an antique mall yesterday and was sad to see that there really aren't a lot of old photographs. I collect them (mostly people with cats or dogs) and since being back in Illinois I've noticed they are few and far between. There was a slew of pics from the early seventies, but they seemed like reproductions. Ah well. I did get one of a little girl in a lovely white gown and a family picture that looks like two little boys are conjoined. Anywho, I wonder if the slim pickins means that people are valuing their ancestors and family histories more OR if people are snatching up all the pictures out there so they can charge outrageous prices for them. I paid over $4 for a picture yesterday that normally would be $2.