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Remember Me?

What a busy, hectic, madcap month it has been. I'm NaNo - ing but my word count is dismally low. At least I surpassed last year's embarrassment of a word count. I wrote a few thousand words today and just needed a breather. I'll get back to it tonight. I sent in a story submission called "Goldfield Has Gone To Hell" for a cowboy-Indian-zombie themed anthology and am awaiting a response. It's gonna be a looong weekend and I'll be hard-pressed to not check my email every five seconds. I hate surprises, so the waiting-for-an-acceptance/rejection part of writing kills me every time. Its a wonder I don't have raging ulcers by now. Anywho, don't get me wrong, the publisher is one of the speediest that I've ever encountered. Its just me thinking that it is utter garbage and second-guessing myself and my *ahem* writing skills. Let's talk about sparkly things. No, not vampires. Jewelry. I'm doing a craft fair this weekend with

Second Best

"Tarantula!" won 2nd place in the Times' Fright Write contest. Yay for my fear of spiders!!! That means (drum roll, please) that I have reached my goal of having 15 stories accepted for publication this year. From here, anything is possible! We just got back from vacation so I'm trying to catch up on all my side projects and get my NaNoWriMo energy flowing. Speaking of vacation, I'm now obsessed with Creepy Clyde. He was at Screams in Hell, MI and he was just fabulous. I Googled him. Wonder if he could tell... I will be purchasing his CD for sure.