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More Artsy and Less Fartsy

I've got supplies ordered to make my special web page background project from scratch. I just hope it turns out as well as I envision it. I believe that my zombie holiday story is now "done" and I can turn my attentions to that phobia story again. Once that sucker is out of the way, I will be working on "Briar's Mount: A Fairy Tale" again. If I work hard enough, I can make it through my To-Do list before July...

Cats, Mud, Exhaustion

Helped my Daddy-O on the farm this weekend and I'm wiped out and sore. The feral farm cats were watching us with suspicious eyes and one (a big alpha male) must have taken a shine to my sister and followed her everywhere yowling at her. Nothing like slogging through the mud on cold winter days to make you happy to have an office job. Here's a tip I learned this weekend: never set a plastic Shop Vac too close to a torpedo heater because it WILL melt. And if it does start to melt, don't grab it without wearing gloves. My poor thumb!!! Today I get to stay inside where it is warm and mud-free and revise my 4th of July story and once it is at its best I'll send it in. I think a Cherry Coke is calling my name...

How Kansas Ruined My Day Off

I spent SEVEN hours researching the history of the good state of Kansas for a future project. Seven hours. That's almost a full work day. I did get some great info though and the project is congealing in my head so I think if I keep reading and studying, it'll be solid enough for me to spoon out onto paper. Think of spreading jam onto buttered toast...and now I'm hungry.

Fat Don't Shimmy

I wrote that line last night and I'm still laughing (softly) to myself. I really hope this story gets accepted into the anthology. *crosses fingers* Tonight I think I might hole up in my office at home and finish this tale so I can edit it on Monday. I still need to come up with a title for it and hopefully it'll come to me in a moment of divine inspiration.

Welcome to My Cluttered Mind

They say a cluttered house is a physical sign of a cluttered mind and I totally agree. My office has been a complete disaster area for months now and that disaster creeps out into our living room and rests on and around the coffee table. I'm working on clearing out though, little by little. My mind needs a lot more work, unfortunately. I've been working on a story for an upcoming zombie holiday anthology and totally forgot about the phobia story I started. I wonder how the big authors out there manage... (probably with an assistant or two, I wager) If I don't get on the stick, I'll miss both deadlines. Wish me luck....

New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! May your greatest goals be reached, may you find happiness around every turn, and may you always have a reason to smile. While taking stock of what I hope to achieve this year, I decided that I want to overhaul this blog. I want it to be pretty. I want it to reflect more of me. So, I will be working on a unique background for the blog and perhaps overhaul the content too. I've already started the year off on a couple of bright notes: I got a story accepted into an anthology called "Letters From the Dead" (Library of the Living Dead Press) and it sounds like a very unique anthology. I can't wait to read the whole thing. Roman Dirge accepted me as a friend on Facebook. Yes, I'm easily excited.