Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 29

Spooky Halloween Album

My own Halloween pictorial history

Today's craft was unplanned. I thought I knew what I was making...but had swapped the craft out for a different night that had no craft earlier this month. What to do? What to do??? I couldn't sleep because of this then I thought of all the supplies I have the most of. Paper. Good gravy, do I have paper! And doo dads. Lots and lots of doo dads. I would combine the two to make a spooktacular Halloween photo album.

2 book boards (I used 8x8)
8x8 Halloween scrapbook paper
2 Binder rings
Halloween scrapbook paper in contrasting colors/patterns
Glossy Accents
Tim Holtz metal corners
Tim Holtz word bands
Double-sided tape
Tim Holtz Clear Rock Candy Crackle
Tim Holtz ornate plates
Tim Holtz gears

7 gypsies Binderie Punch

The How:

A wee bit of what you need
I had different sizes of book boards and the 8x8 size already had holes punched in them so that helped me decide what size to make my album. With the holes on the left, I put a squiggle of Glossy Accents in the top and lower right corner of one board and placed a corner over it with the design side up. I let it dry a few minutes then folded the back flaps over the board. This would be the front cover. For the back cover, I repeated the process but with the holes on the right and glossy accents on the top and lower left corners. 

Holey punch!
I stacked my 8x8 paper in the order I wanted it in my album and inserted the stack into my Binderie punch, making sure they were centered. With a press of a button, two holes were punched through the stack of papers. If you make these kinds of albums and use book boards, I really recommend getting this type of punch because it punches neatly, quickly, and easily through heavy stock.

Next, I sandwiched the paper between the book boards and used the binder rings to make a book. I used five sheets of paper but will add more as I print up more photos.

On some of the pages, I added trimmed accent paper using the double-sided tape. I added the photos on the accent paper.

To give the album more character, I used several Tim Holtz doo dads. I know that isn't his term for his wonderful creations, but I like saying doo dad.

I'm very pleased with this album and can't wait to add more fun Halloween photos of me and the hubs.

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