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My Have-Done List

Time flies when you're a busy bee.  Just finished a submission for Evil Jester Press *fingers crossed* and have begun a short for Cafe Doom's 7th Annual Short Story Contest .  Last year's was so fun I have to give it a whirl this time but without talking vultures.  I'm still working on the outline for my vampire novel--NaNoWriMo, here I come!  The slimming is stalled at the moment, what with the food I've been cramming into my mouth every waking minute of the day...  Still, I only gained 1.5 pounds so there's that.  My head is back in the fight now so I just need to get back to work.  (sitting next to a magazine with caramel apples on the cover isn't quite helping) After reviewing my goals for this year I'm falling short, but I've made big strides.  I have yet to send my novel out to an agent, but I've submitted 7 stories so I'm 3 short from achieving that goal, and I should (in theory) finish a novel this year.  I'm pretty pleased.