Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 23

Repainted Pumpkins

Two fake pumpkins

I can't remember where I got these fake pumpkins, but the yellow in them was always a little off-putting to me, so much so that I kept them hidden away in a plastic bag. Not anymore! With a fresh coat of paint, they look a little better to me.

Fake pumpkins
Acrylic paint
Paper towels
Waxed paper

Paint brushes

The How:

Not a fan of the yellow...

I covered my work surface with waxed paper so I didn't get paint everywhere. Next, I selected to colors I
wanted to paint the pumpkins. I had a nice orange and then I mixed up a bit of orange and brown as a secondary color.


I painted a thin layer of plain orange over a section of yellow, feathering out the edges a bit.

I took a piece of paper towel and wadded it up to dab the wet paint for a mottled-effect. I liked the way it turned out and did that on every yellow section then let it dry

Finally, I added a layer of the darker orange I mixed up to the previously yellow sections for some depth and dabbed it with a fresh piece of paper towel.

They aren't the prettiest pumpkins in the patch, but I think it is a definite improvement.

All better!

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