Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 4

 Caged Zombies!

Aaack! Zombies!

I knew we were taking a road trip up to Woodstock, IL for IRON INVASION today so I decided on a craft I could do on the way.

Tim Holtz cage pendant
scrapbook paper


Needle nose pliers

I love this paper! What to choose????
One of these will look swell!

The How:

We were awake super early today and I grabbed all of my supplies and threw them in a bag. I wasn’t sure which image to put in the cage so I cut out three possible winners and tossed them in. 

Then I started crafting in the van. I opened up the jump ring that helped keep the cage pendant together and put the pieces in a baggie so they wouldn’t fall out. 

Hold that template in place and don't cut yourself!!!
I cut out the template provided and trimmed it up a smidge. Then I placed it over the different pieces of scrapbook paper until I decided on the goofy zombies. I cut them out, holding the template in place.

Before the "accident."
With the paper cut, I glued the back side of it and then stuck it to the back plate of the cage pendant. There was a moment of hilarity as the paper jumped out of my hand and did a few flips before falling glue-side up. (I was screaming the entire time) 

Relieved, I ran my finger over the paper to get rid of any air bubbles, then slid the back plate in place.

Should have brought two pairs of pliers--that jump ring was a toughie!!!

I found the jump ring and slid it back into place and closed it tight then finished the whole shebang with a matching ball chain. Easy peasy, proof you can craft pretty much anywhere. 

I love zombies!!!

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