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A Drive-by Update of Sorts

I've received my copy of The Scroll of Anubis and it is lovely!! I have yet to read it because I'm reading The Zombist and don't read as quickly as I used to. A shame, really. I could knock out a book a day. Now I'm lucky if I read a couple books a month. The slimming program has been going rather well and I've been walking quite a lot and doing a ridiculous amount of squats. Financially, I've been lean as well and have already been reaping the benefits. I'm going to challenge myself to make no online purchases (except for the hubby's b-day present) for the next three months. I think I can do it rather easily. Still no writing, and I think that while I have been trying to not let a certain stressful incident a few months ago get to me, it has. I gotta shake this. Must get back to what makes me happy.

They Tempted Me With Chocolates Fair

I knew it. As soon as I returned to work I was gifted a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates. I was gracious and said thank you and while I have put them in the candy dish at home, I have not eaten any of them. That was yesterday. Today, I was gifted a lovely box of assorted Russell Stover Chocolates. Again, I graciously said thank you and shared them with several of the ladies I work with. I did snarf the Roman Nougat because those are my absolute favorite RS flavor...but then I signed up for the gym afterwards. (that counts, right?) I've kinda hit a writing slump. It is weird because I like to play out my stories in my head in their entirety as I write and once I envision it all, I tend to lose interest. This has plagued me for years and has gotten worse lately but I'll battle through it. Just like all those other times. Half-hearted congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer for their recent nuptuals. I'm forever heartbroken that he is off the market, but thin