Friday, October 24, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 24

Shrouded Suckers

Four little ghosties

I remember these shrouded suckers from when I was little...I think they may have used muslin and yarn tied in a bow. Anyway, today was jam-packed with adventure so I needed an easy, car-friendly craft. Enter the ghostly candies.

White felt
String or yarn
Black paint marker (or permanent marker)

Stuff you need

The How:

Remove any stickers from your sheets of felt. Match the short ends of a piece felt together to fold in half. Cut the fold. Repeat for each cut piece so that you end up with four rectangles of felt.

Cut several 5 to 6 inch pieces of string.

Wrap that sucker!
Center the sucker under a rectangle of felt and wrap the felt around it. Tie a piece of string under the round sucker then make two black dots for eyes.

Faceless and nameless

You now have a bunch of cute little ghosties.
Spooky and sweet!

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