Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 8

 Halloween Diorama!

Now we shall never grow old...

Today I was going to make a pendant, but wasn’t feeling it. I looked around the Halloween room (yes, I have a room decked out in Halloween year-round) and spied a cigar box that was too big for a previous project and my wheels started turning. I was gonna rock a Halloween diorama!

Cardboard cigar box (remove the lid with a utility knife--be careful!!!)
Scrapbook paper of your choice (I used 12x12 sheets in 3 different designs)
Glue or double-sided tape
Hot glue gun
Ric rac trim

The How:

Some of the supplies you'll need!
Much like the making of MAN BAT, this craft was kind of a blur, but I took a few more photos this time.

The cigar box I used was too big and the whole sheet of paper wouldn’t cover all sides. I used double-sided tape to secure it to the back and top and bottom of the box with a little bit of an overlap to the inside of the box. Then I got another sheet of the same paper and cut out pieces that would fit the exposed sides and taped them in place too.

Nice cutting job...

Next, I trimmed down the cemetery scene paper so that it covered the interior of the box--but not the inside bottom. (does that even make sense???)  I taped this paper in place too.

Oh, THAT'S ric rac!

I didn’t like how the edges looked so I grabbed some ric rac from another project and cut strips to cover the edges of the box. With care and stealth, I hot glued those strips into place and I’m happy to report that I didn’t burn myself! I’m sure if I tried to take a photo while gluing, something bad would have happened.

With the trim finished, I needed something for the scene…but what? I knew I had lots of cute little figurines and some rad glow-in-the-dark zombies, but they didn’t seem to work for this project. Finally it hit me: why not cut out pictures of the hubby and me in our favorite Halloween costumes??? Excellent work, brain of mine!

Paper dolls!
I hunted through all of my photos and copied and pasted them into Microsoft Word and did a quick and dirty job enlarging our photos. I printed them out and grabbed a piece of thick cardstock as a backer.

I taped our images to the cardstock and then used tiny scissors to cut our images out. Aren't we adorable???

Now we stand, frozen in time in our own little cemetery of love…I might add more bits and pieces later on, but for now, I’m very pleased with how this craft turned out!

I think they need some monster friends or something...

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