Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 11

Six Shambling Zombies!
They're coming to get you...

Stuff you will need

If you have been following each day's craft, thank you and I hope you enjoy what I've been throwing together. If you just discovered my Creep-a-Day Challenge, welcome!

So, I woke up this morning intending to create something out of foam core, but wasn't looking forward to wrestling the supplies so I dug through my jewelry bin and found six copper-toned bezels. What to do? A charm bracelet? Earrings? No. Necklaces were meant for today. But kind???

Copper-toned bezels
Copper-toned ball chain (I used Tim Holtz)
Glossy AccentsTM
Scrapbook papers

Flush cutters (jewelry tool)

The How:

That template is round-ish...
Find a marker that is the same inside diameter as the bezel. We're looking for a marker that will fit inside the bezel. Once you've found one, trace around it on a piece of heavy cardstock. This will be your template.

Place your template over your scrapbook papers to see what will fit. I was going to have skulls, but they were too big. I settled on these awesome zombie stickers.

If the zombie fits...
Trace around your desired pattern and cut it out. Place it in your bezel to see if you need to make any additional trim cuts or if it fits okay.

If you aren't using a sticker, put a very thin layer of Glossy Accents in the bezel and then add your cut-out design face-up. Press down on the paper to remove any air bubbles.

Almost done!
Since I used a sticker, I just removed the protective backing and positioned it in the bezel.

Once the glue has dried for a few minutes, add a thick layer of Glossy Accents over the top, being careful not to make air bubbles. If you do, you can pop them with a pin. Set aside to let dry.

Just a quick snip...
The Tim Holtz ball chain is 36 inches long. For these small bezels, that is too long so I cut the chain in half. (that makes them 18 inch chains)

Once the bezels were dry, I attached a ball chain to each one. Now I've got a small zombie army ready to go.


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