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No Love

Ack, the Chicago Trib didn't like my story "The Weeping Woman of the Purple Line." I shouldn't let it bother me, but I'd be a liar if I said it didn't. Ah well, at least I can say I had the guts to send something in, right? Now to wait and see what the local paper thought of the story I sent them. (I hope I don't become The Weeping Woman...)


I should be finding out sometime soon whether or not there's any love for the stories I submitted to the Chicago Trib and the local paper. I've seen some of the stories on the Trib's web page and my heart sinks, they're so good. Ah well, time will tell I guess. I'll be filling my brain (mmmm...braaaaaains) with another zombie tale before I kick into NaNoWriMo mode. Exciting stuff!

Walking the Walk

This is a non-writing post today. What ever happened to being nice to your coworkers? I don't care if you're stressed out or angry with someone else or overworked, it doesn't give you the right to say rude things to people. That said, a lot of people don't think before they speak. Take a moment, take a breath. Say it in your mind and think "Will this crush someone's spirit if I say it to them? Would I be crushed if someone said this to me?" And then edit yourself accordingly. And, if you're one of the people that continually says rude, uncalled for things to your co-workers, please don't EVER complain to me about receiving poor customer service. You probably deserve it--and worse!

Halloween Costumes of Yore

These are the costumes I can remember. Many years the weather was too bad to go trick-or-treating but we'd get out the old costumes and dress up until we'd get in trouble and have to put them away. From my earliest Halloween to the most recent, I present: Who I Have Been Raggedy Ann (my brother was Andy) Princess Hershey Kiss Smurfette Santa Claus Vampire Ghost Dot Warner Dead Little Girl Death Takes a Holiday Cat Pixie Gothic Beauty in Red Jon Benet Ramsey (postmortem) Carl (our cat) Sorceress

Patience is a Virtue

I finished my story "Tarantula!" and sent that in yesterday so now I wait to see how it does. Writing is an exercise in patience. The ideas have to come to you and they build and develop on their own, they're hard to rush. And then you have to wait to hear whether or not your work gets accepted. I have one story that has a four month waiting period. Four months of self-doubt and worry. Four months of getting your hopes up but telling yourself that you shouldn't--just in case.


Well, I submitted my story "The Weeping Woman of the Purple Line" to the Trib last night and wait oh-so-patiently for the 25th to find out if it is a finalist. *drums fingers on desk for effect* I started a couple drafts of my story for the local contest and stopped them all until I remembered a run in I had with a tarantula in Arizona. So, the words just magically appeared through whatever mojo in my brain that makes such things happen and I'm nearly done. I should be able to submit it this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest. Goob jorb to me! *misspelling intentional...see "The Dish" on Style network*

Busy Work

I found out rather accidentally that the Chicago Trib is having a scary story contest. I have an idea and am about 1/4 of the way done with it--here's hoping it chills them nicely. Also found out today that our local paper is having a contest of scary stories based on actual events. I'm so there. There are about 5 ideas jostling around in my head right now fighting for attention right now and I think I may have decided on the one I'll write about. My weird life...gotta love it!

Antsy Pantsy

I've been collecting my thoughts for my NaNoWriMo project and seriously cannot wait until November gets here! I've been spreading the word to everyone I know and hope people give it a try. In a few days I should learn whether or not "The Inheritance" finds a home in an anthology. *fingers crossed* Oh, and I LOVED Zombieland! That'll do, pig.

These Are Good Tears

I found out this morning that "Knock Once For Yes" will appear in Through the Eyes of the Undead" from Library of the Living Dead Press. I had to actually blink back tears, I was so happy and proud of myself. To think, last year I had a few rejections under my belt and was terrified to submit my work anywhere and this year, I've almost reached my goal of having 15 stories published in one year. I'm one away from that goal and even if I don't make it, I don't care. I've learned a lot in this last year and faced some really really scary things and became a stronger person for it all. Life is good.

Gloom and Doom

I love overcast days and rain. Makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a good book, and a mug of hot chocolate. Too bad I had to come to work instead. For the first time in weeks, I don't have any writing deadlines and I'm feeling a little lost. Guess I'll just have to fix that.

Get Ready....

We may just be 2 days into October, but November is right around the corner which means it is NaNoWriMo time again! I will finish this year, darn it! Last year I got hit by a nasty cold and then some intense personal stuff so I didn't finish. This year the cold hit early so I shouldn't have that to worry about. I actually have an idea for a novel in my head and as November 1 draws near, I will create an outline. I shouldn't have any urgent projects to work on so it would just be all novel, all month. Fun, right???

Second Helping of Blog

I just found out that "Everyone Plays a Part: A Child's Guide to Surviving the Undead Wars" will appear in the upcoming The Moron's Guide to Surviving the Inevitable Zombocalypse ! Two in one day...that makes my heart sing!

Cat Massages, Phlegm, and Aliens

One of our foster cats likes to massage my face and neck while I sleep. More accurately, I think she is trying to strangle or smother me in my sleep. I don't say as I can blame her, I must be snoring from all the icky phlegm and what not that this cold has produced. On a bright note, I just got the email this morning that "Space Freaks" will be published in the upcoming anthology Tales From the Void. I'm so jazzed, I could scream, but that would hurt my throat so I'll just whisper a hearty "woohoo" instead.