Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 7

He IS real! This is proof!

I seriously had no idea what to make today. I knew there might be a skeleton involved somehow, but that is about it. Before work I snatched up my Halloween clipart books from Dover and decided to let inspiration slap me in the face. Bad idea. Most of my lunch hour was me looking through clipart and then looking at images in my Dover Pictura account. Finally, this came to my head. Part man…part bat…MAN BAT? 

Because the process had me so in my own head, I don't have step-by-step photos. Sorry about that.

Beige cardstock
Clipart (royalty free)
Glossy Accents™
Gold paper
Rubber stamps (letters)
Black ink
Tim Holtz Type Charms

The How:
This posting is more difficult than the others because I can’t explain to you how my brain worked to put all of this together. I don’t know myself. But, I will say that I used a piece of clipart from Skeletons Vector Designs for the wings and a piece of clipart from Old-Time Anatomical Illustrations that I colored black (using GIMP, the free GNU Image Manipulation Program). I also used GIMP to copy and flip the wing.
It almost looks like a charcoal drawing!

I printed each image separately on sheets of beige cardstock and cut out the blackened image of the human body. The ink from the printer was smudgy and I like the look it achieved.

After this, I was stymied again. What to do? What to do? I thought of making a really cool shadowbox, but time and supplies limited me. Then I spied my supply of Tim Holtz odds and ends and MAN BAT was born.

I knew I wanted a mat/frame but the foam core I bought wasn’t cutting nicely so I used some shimmery gold paper. I created an oval in Microsoft Word and made the outline very heavy. Once printed, I cut out the center, going over the cut edge with a black marker. I lay that in a frame and then added the image of MAN BAT.

I flipped over the frame and got out my rubber stamps and stamped the words MAN BAT on the image. Then, I spelled out EVIDENCE in the charms and glued them to the paper with the Glossy Accents.

I think it turned out pretty neat and I really hope the glue holds the charms in place…
Hooray for MAN BAT!

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