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So Long, Fatty 2010...Welcome Slimmer 2011!!!

Ah, 2010 is drawing to a chilly close. It was a good year, all in all, I think. I worked like mad to find homes for several stories, I laughed a lot, and I found out that I'm a pretty tough cookie. What will 2011 bring? Well, for one I hope it brings even more laughter with people that I love. I'm making 2011 The Year of Slimming. That would be not only a slimmer waistline but a slimmer life in general. I'm challenging myself big time and cutting out the extras that I love way too much. We're talking sparkly things, spur of the moment "wants," sodas, sweets, rich and fattening foods, my beloved wine... (say it isn't so!!!!) I think that by slimming I'll have more time, money, smiles and better health. If I fail, I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Writing-wise, I'll keep honing my skill and send out at least 10 short stories, send out my novel to at least 5 agents, and write two novels. Hmm...10-5-2...maybe I'll play thos

Are You My Mummy?

I'm over the moon that The Scroll of Anubis , featuring my story "Amun's Curse" is available for purchase! I have to be patient for my contributor's copy, but I really can't wait to read all of the stories in this book. I love mummies. Horrorology might be out soon and I just sent back revisions to the new editor of Baconology. My story is still in this meaty anthology and it looks like things are moving along. I've been working on getting a solid goal list for 2011 in terms of writing and I'm shooting for the stars next year. And why not? Life is too short to worry and be afraid to try new things.

Excuse Me While I Nerd Out a Bit...

Well, I've spoken with my beta reader and she is so much awesomeness that I can't get over how lucky I am that she agreed to read my book. I should have the manuscript with her remarks and lots of info on a cool forensic technique maybe in the next week or so. So exciting! (especially about this mystery technique...I can't wait to find out more and try to incorporate it in Molly's story) I love forensics!!! Ahem, sorry about that. So other writing endeavors are looking good as well: I received the edits for my story for Horrorology and The Scroll of Anubis might be available soon. *fingers crossed* Now to get back to crafting a respectable query letter. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

Best Laid Plans...Blah Blah Blah

Well, I didn't see my beta reader so...I'm still waiting to get their final comments. This weekend I've been making ornaments and various polymer clay sculptures. Here is one such sculpture: The goal is to make more little snowmen and other goodies to sell them along with my jewelry. We'll see how it goes. Even if they don't sell, they were a nice distraction. I needed a little break from the pressure of writing. So, when December rolls around I'll get back in the writing habit again and perhaps (fingers crossed) The Scroll of Anubis will be out.

Wrapping Up November

November is nearly in the can and if I could turn back time I think I would spend this month a little more productively. Ah well, live and learn. Anywho, my story for Cafe Doom's contest wasn't as much of a bust as I feared it would be. I actually got a 3rd place and a 2nd place vote and a few honorable mentions. It warms the heart and makes you want to keep plugging along. Who knows? After some revisions I might even send it out someday... NaNo is sooo not going well for me. I think I chose too depressing of a novel idea and it makes me dread writing it. Not good. Not good at all. I'll finish it though, in bits and chunks over the next few months I think. At least I've started. Tomorrow I ask one of my beta readers if they're finished with my novel. They've had it a while and I really want to get back into that project. *fingers crossed that they're done*

November Is For Crazies

Read 50 stories and pick my favorite three? Okay! Try to write 50,000 words by the end of the month? Sure! Get jewelry ready and a display set up for a craft show December 1? Why not? I really don't know what I was thinking, but here I am. Come December, I should be brain dead, but I think it'll be worth it. Excuse me though because now I have to get back to writing again and also try to get the plastic skull away from the cat. She is such a nibby nose!

Like Jumping Off a Cliff into a Pit of Spiders, Sharks in the Bermuda Triangle

Well, I've almost hit the 'send' button for my Cafe Doom submission five times but I keep chickening out. I'm used to having an editor or two read my stories and that's terrifying, but this will be out for other writers to judge. That scares the crap out of me. I need to just hit that button and let it be out of my hands but... Maybe later I'll have a wee nip of courage (aka Jose Cuervo) and 'accidentally' hit that button. Maybe. We'll see.

A Rainy, Spooky Day

So I'm home alone on a rainy, dark day listening to my iTunes while writing but I keep hearing voices coming from the living room. I turn the music down, and all is quiet. I turn it back up and a few second later I hear voices again. It isn't the cats meowing at each other, but nobody is here. It's almost like when you're drying your hair and you hear a phone ring, but when you turn off the dryer, it isn't ringing. Are these voices just "chatter" or am I hearing something from beyond? Now I've done it, I've spooked myself. Let's change the subject, that may help. I'm nearly finished with my story "Death From Above" and I'm thinking of submitting it to Cafe Doom 's big contest. I'm just hoping that my dark comedy is dark enough for the judges. Only one way to find out... Yeah, still hearing them. This might just make its way into a story I thought of last night. Or not.

Irons in Fires and Vultures

It is NaNoWriMo time again...this year I'm going to bust my butt to finish in time and I have 2 different book ideas to work with so it should be interesting. 30 days...50,000 words. Yipe. This means, of course, that I have to knock out several short story ideas and make a boatload of jewelry all before November 1st. I may need to clone myself. I'm nearly done with "Death From Above," which is a lovely tale of 3 friends (who happen to be vultures) and their quest to finally eat human flesh. Yes, it is a feel-good kind of story. Once I have it complete and error-free, I shall screw up the courage to submit it to a contest. Scary! In other scary news, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow for a full physical. It is scary because I've been having recurring dreams that the tumors I had removed returned and weren't benign. I'm sure it is just nerves, but it is scary nonetheless. And now in happy news, we have just over 10 days until Halloween!

Hell, Vampires and Ghosts

I just got back from Hell, Michigan and boy is my skin burnt! Yeah...I know I'm not very funny. It was a fabulous trip: hit several haunted houses, met Creepy Clyde and attended the Ghoultide Gathering. Sooo much Halloween I could burst with orange and black innards flying out of me like confetti. I've learned that "Dracula Meets the Packrats" will appear in the forthcoming Groanology 2: Monsters, Madness, and Mayhem from Library of Horror. I can't wait for Drac's stories to see the light of day. The Library of Horror has another anthology that I'm subbing for, this one has ghosts in it. If anything on this planet (besides serial killers, sharks, the Bermuda Triangle or spiders) can terrify me, ghosts do it. I'm not sure why, but even hearing "true" haunting tales at night can keep me awake for hours and make me not want to go to the basement alone. True story.

This Bites

So I ate lunch outside today and got bitten by several weird-looking bugs. I don't know what they were and can't seem to find a picture resembling them, so I'm just going to refer to them as The Little Bastards. Anywho, I was able to swat them away so they didn't feast on me too badly, but I started to wonder...what would happen if you weren't able to move to swat them away or squish them? Now I feel like The Little Bastards are crawling all over me. Yuck. There's a story here, but after writing about bedbugs, I'm a little hesitant to write about these things. I can only be freaked out so much before it stops being funny. In other news, I'm nearly done with a silly tale of three vultures that hatch a scheme to kill people. Just hope I can find a market for it...

Howdy, stranger...

Sheesh, it has been a long time. Let's see, I was delighted to learn that my flash fiction piece "Zombie 101" was accepted along with "Outbreak" into Rapid Decomposition-Living Dead Flash Stories, which will be a PDF compilation of zombie flash fiction. Very spiffy! I just submitted a silly tale called "Dracula Meets the Packrats" and this is a continuation of "Dracula Meets the Clutter Crew" which will appear in Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-ups. I hate that post-submission queasiness but I think if I work my butt off writing something else, it'll take my mind off of the nerves. It's Halloween in my house for sure: the living room is decked out in orange and black and I'm busy making more scary houses. I've even made a sweet little Swarovski crystal spider and am plotting a way to make a bracelet out of it. Pictures to follow... The Ghoultide Gathering is just around the corner and I can't wait to see some inc

September on the Horizon

Well, September is nearly here and that means my official 3 month long Halloween insanity will begin soon! I've already booked a room near Hell, Michigan so that I can attend the Ghoultide Gathering , created a Halloween House, and traced my friend's arms for a very creeptastic porch decoration... Writing has been a bust lately. I think I've let events in another aspect of my life stifle my creativity and that just stinks. Gotta stand up, shake off the negative, and let the weird out again. I invite you to do the same.

Just Eat a Cupcake

While perhaps not the BEST strategy for dealing with stress in life, it certainly is a delicious strategy. So much has been going on lately but nothing I want to blog about, so mind your business. (just kidding!) The Zombist is available for purchase so if you've got a hankering for cowboys and Indians and zombies, (who DOESN'T?) check it out! My little tale is the 2nd one, right behind Eric S. Brown. If you know zombies, you know who he is. Now that work is back to normal hours, I've had time to finish books I've started and am so happy! Empire by David Dunwoody is incredible and left me wanting more...I'm lucky, there is a sequel on the horizon. Yay! I'm also nearly finished with The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole and the darn book is like some itch-inducing drug and I can't seem to put it down, no matter how dirty it makes me feel... Not much full-on writing going on but I've written a poem for a bad poetry contest. I think it's

Writing Is Tough But Trying To Get Your Name Out Is Tougher

Well, I sent what I believe is the third email to Author Central (Amazon) to get a writer's page. My stories do appear in real books so I should be able to set up a page. You would think so anyway... Anywho, I still keep struggling with what background I want for my (eventual) web page and I think I had a breakthrough last night. With any luck, I'll get the artwork done this Friday. Or if I'm ambitious, perhaps tomorrow before my follow-up doctor appointment. The Writer's Block has me in its grip right now and I'm feeling a little morose. I do have ideas for stories, but no writing to show for it. Not a fan of The Block.

Number Three!

I'm giddy to announce that The Zombist is now available through Createspace and will be on Amazon very soon. I wrote a story called "Goldfield Goes To Hell" for this zombie western anthology and it looks like this will be a very big book. 450 pages big. I can't wait to get my copy to see what the other writers came up with! Here's another thing that made me giddy today. Gotta get into the Halloween spirit somehow!!

Crafty Crafty

A nice, plump envelope filled with semiprecious stones was waiting for me on the porch last night so I had to make up a bunch of bracelets right away. My favorite is a big chunky strand of rough faceted seagreen jade. I liked it so much that I decided not to sell it. It kinda reminds me of Wilma Flintstone's necklace but honeydew melon colored. Pretty! And, I've got goodies coming to me so that I can make a little something wickedly adorable for Halloween. Here's hoping it turns out as well as I imagine it. I should be getting "The G.O.R.E. Score, Volume I" by Tony Schaab too. Yes, another book. I can't help it. I will be putting the brakes on book-buying soon so I can sink my funds into other things like...oh...I don't know...flooring. We've been putting it off and putting it off but it needs to get done. Ah, the joys of homeownership.

I Smell Halloween

I don't know what it is or was in the air, but it had a hint of Halloween to it. Now, I've been feeling the Halloween itch for a few weeks now...doing double-takes at every splash of orange I see in the stores, daydreaming about how our front porch will look this year, craving caramel apples... There's nothing to cure the itch but to scratch it (metaphorically) and by jove, I've done it. I'm going to make a shadowbox shaped like a house and dress it all up in black and orange and scary things that go boo in the night. My supplies are on their way and I cannot wait to create something spooky all on my own. And I'm not stopping there. I've got oodles of scary stories to write to get me into the holiday spirit. I mean, we only have 94 days left, people! I gotta get busy!

Read Read Read!

So I knocked over the "To Read" pile of books on the coffee table and decided that I will give more time and energy to reading all the lovely books and writing up reviews for Amazon. Good times. Here's what's in store for me this week: Empire by David Dunwoody (loving this book so far) The Blooming by Tonia Brown The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole by Tim Long and Jonathan Moon Hopefully...I'll finish all of these and then get to Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown.

Hello Monday

The Library of Horror has yet another anthology that I've got a story idea for. Behold, Made You Flinch: Horror Stories to Unnerve, Disturb, and Freak You Out. I worry about the word limit though. My idea might make better flash than a 4-7K story, but who knows. Because I haven't been writing after work everyday since June, the battery on my Mini is totally dead and to get a replacement won't be cheap. So, I'll have to work with it plugged in all the time until I have the extra cash to get a new (perhaps even better) battery. I've been battling with work stress and my GERD for about a week now and early this morning I had the joy of gagging on stomach acid in my sleep. Nothing like fearing choking in your sleep to keep you awake the rest of the night. So...after dinner tonight I'm going to relax and then perhaps go to sleep early. Here's hoping for an acid-free night.

Keeping My Cool

I'm trying to keep myself thinking positive and being happy so that work stress doesn't eat a hole in my stomach. So, without further ado.... My story "Tipping the Odds" will appear in the serial killer anthology called The Snuff Syndicate that will be released by Library of Horror. I'm very honored to be included in this book and it looks like it will be something special. :) While working on an idea for the second Groanology , I had a vision of something grand and unique to the zombie world and am working like mad to finish it. I don't want to divulge too much yet until I've run it by a few people to see if it is even a possibility. Cross your fingers... Rumor has it that our AC might be fixed tomorrow. I won't place any bets on it, but one can hope.

Another Hottie

Well, with the AC still dead at our house this heat wave is just no fun for anyone. The cats seem wilted and grumpy...kinda like me. Ah well, it'll be over soon. I sent off my contract for Groanology and am almost done with my rewrites. Progress is a good thing! Tomorrow I have a cervical (neck) epidural and I'm even more nervous than I was about the EMG. I keep telling myself that it will make me feel better but it is pretty scary. At least I get a day at the salon Saturday and I'm going to make sad puppy dog eyes to get a treat from Cold Stone...

Hot Today...Chili Tomorrow?

However that saying goes...whatever. We're supposed to have a heat index of up to 101 degrees (who loves Illinois???) today and our AC bought the farm--crapped out--said the big farewell--died. There's two things I'm not looking forward to: the cost of repair or replacement and trying to sleep in that hot bedroom. I'm hoping the cats will be wise enough to just lay around in front of the fan all day, but that Elfie is kind of a dink sometimes so she'll probably think today is THE DAY to run sprints around the house and harass Zoey. *shakes head* I'm working on rewrites for the No More Heroes anthology and hope to have them done either today or tomorrow. I'm really anxious to see how my little tale gets interwoven with all the other authors' stories to create an entire universe. That's just so magical to me.

A Fear Bigger Than Spiders

I've often wondered what happens when a writer gets too old to write or they are afflicted by Alzheimer's. Do they just stop writing? Do they repeat story ideas? My hope is that by using the brain so much and being creative that it remains healthy but...can over-using it cause damage? I think I have a story here.

My Shocking Morning

I won't lie, it hurt. I've got bruises and my arms feel tender where the various purple dots and X's are drawn on me and the needle portion of the test was NOT a piece of cake. While the doctor and assistant looked at the wavy line on the computer and the needle was just hanging out in the back of my hand, I felt a bit woozy and asked to lie down. I must have been pure white cuz they obliged and lifted my legs up to get the old blood rushing to my head again. Oh, then there was the needle in the spine...that was rather hurty too. When it was over I was kinda sad that I didn't get a prize for not crying but I almost passed out so I guess that negates any prize. I did get breakfast and a double chocolate fudge brownie and two homemade caramels and later that night I got a caramel cashew sundae from Culver's so that was my reward. In the end, I'm glad I had the test done and am hopeful I won't have to have neck surgery.

A Nervous Kind of Day

I submitted "Being Neighborly" so now I wait to hear back from the publisher. I'm a little more than nervous about sending my writing to a different publisher but I've got high hopes that he likes it enough to include it in the anthology. Tomorrow is the big EMG day. I'm not sure whether I'll have a needle jabbed into my neck, spine, or hand, but in any case I'm VERY nervous about it. At least I get some ice cream afterwards. That should keep me going. I hope...

Countdown to the Big Shock

Well, 2 more days until my EMG and I'm just a wee bit apprehensive. I don't like having needles jabbed into my skin unless it is worthwhile, like getting a tattoo. Anywho, at least I get a 2 day work week out of the deal. I'm working on my final edits before I send my story "Being Neighborly" off to the publisher. I think after so many submissions, I'm getting used to the sick worry feeling. Either that or the Tramadol is easing more than just my pain... I went on a fantastic canoe trip yesterday and there is one part of the river where these huge ancient trees expose their twisted and gnarled network of roots and you can almost imagine some horrific monster lurking inside, watching you as you float by...I got lots of ideas from this trip. Hopefully I can make them into something that is readable and enjoyable as well...cross your fingers! Speaking of a full day in the sun...I highly endorse Neutrogena Spectrum Advanced SPF 100+ sunblock. I was out fr

Dracula Comes Clean!

I just got the fantastic news that my story "Dracula Meets the Clutter Crew" will appear in the upcoming anthology from Library of Horror Press , Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-Ups Unleashed. It is a thrill to be included in this anthology because what I think is funny usually gets rolled eyes or requests for me to shut my yap. All in all, today is shaping up to be a good day and an even better extended weekend. Hooray for time to relax, time to spend with friends and family, time to laugh, and (with any hope) time to welcome a new soul into the world. *fingers crossed for a speedy, safe, and relatively painless delivery for L and B*

The "I Hate Flutes" Post

Twice a year (sometimes more) I get a week of flute noise from morning until afternoon. This year, I cannot bear to listen to it and the fweet fweet fweeting sends shivers down my spine as I cringe at the incessant fluting. But today, I won. I shut the doors. *cue the maniacal laughter* In brighter news, I finished my submission for the "Hell Hath No Fury" anthology May December Publications is putting out. I'm letting it sit before I give it one final read through and then I'll send it along. Wish me luck... I haven't heard anything from the reader of my novel and I'm worrying, because that's what I do. It is going to be a long, long summer.

Keeping Promises

Well, I didn't finish my zombie tale by the weekend, but I'm nearly done with it. It took a VERY hard turn and the main character did some pretty horrible things that I didn't think she'd do, but hey, she's a zombie so what did I really expect? Still, it gave me the creeps.

Can You Spare a Click?

Howdy friends. If you've ever visited the Library of the Living Dead, please consider voting it as the best zombie site around. Sure, there are others, but none like our beloved Library. Please? Pretty please?

A Post to Get My Butt in Gear

I really need to write something but there's too many reasons why I don't. So, in an attempt to hold myself accountable, I need to finish my short story "Being Neighborly" so that I can revise it over the weekend and then send it out to a publisher soon. There. It's out in the universe so now I have to do it. *slaps self upside the head* I survived a near fatal spider incident this morning and that too has given me a crazy story idea. I just hope it doesn't creep into my dreams...

Great News on a Rainy Monday

I'm pleased to report that my story "Picking Up the Pieces" will be in the upcoming anthology No More Heroes put out by the Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy Press . This book is special on so many levels, but I think the most cool points come from the fact that the characters in the NMH's universe are based on members of the Library of the Living Dead Forum. I can't wait to read this book!

My Summer Reading List

I've got a huge stack of books and keep buying more. As soon as I finish them I'll be posting reviews on Amazon. Good times!! Faith and the Undead by Benjamin Rogers (and I'm in the fan club too!) Dead the Ugly Beginning by T.W. Brown Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown The Blooming by Tonia Brown (there's an awful lot of authors out there that have the same last name...what's the deal with that?) Empire by Dave Dunwoody I still have to finish World War Z by Max Brooks (I love this book, by the way, and it has taken me longer to finish it than I care to admit...there's just so much to do that it gets pushed to the side) Hopefully soon I'll have my contributor's copy of Through the Eyes of the Undead to add to the pile. And then there's about 10 other books about forensic anthropology, osteology, and history that are collecting dust.

My Own Glimmer of Hope

I hate to jinx it, but I took the first 2 steroid pills this morning and I kinda sorta almost feel a difference in regards to the pain. It still hurts, don't get me wrong, but not as intensely. I'm actually able to hold a pen and write for a little while. Maybe there is hope. I haven't written anything for such a long time, I feel almost like I want to explode to get all the words and ideas and monsters out of my head. With any luck, by the end of the week I can get a short story finished. Cross your fingers...

Glimmers of Hope

I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that have already placed orders for my "Glimmer of Hope" bracelets. Six bracelets so far are confirmed orders and another girl may be ordering a bunch more for her family--her mother-in-law died from ovarian cancer recently. I'm so glad that I can do something so simple that I love and have a positive impact on the world while I'm doing it. Here is what the bracelets look like. This one is for our Race for the Cure team and I have this in teal for Ovarian Cancer. They are $15 and $10 go straight to the charity. The remaining $5 helps to pay for the beads and supplies to make them.

Sleepless Nights and Waiting

Yesterday was the MRI day and then I had physical therapy too so today I'm feeling pretty sore. There was no sleep last night because of the pain so I'm fighting off the sleep monster today. *yawns* I should have my results today and ya'll know how horrible I am at waiting for things...the day can't end soon enough for me. I had two stories slated to be in an anthology but it is being killed so they're homeless for the moment. I'm not too broken up about it and there's hope that they might rear their ugly heads on a podcast. *crosses fingers that it happens* Five days until they close the "No More Heroes" anthology and 20 until they close "Groanology" so I'm waiting for that too....oh how I hate the waiting!

My Last Nerve

Well, I get to have an MRI on my neck to see which nerve is pinched and what is pinching it. I'll be glad to know what's the cause of all of my pain and with some luck, maybe it can be fixed without surgery. *crosses fingers* In surreal news, a friend of mine bought Letters From the Dead and is mailing it to me so I can autograph it. It amazes me that anyone would want my autograph, but I'm flattered beyond belief. And finally in sparkly news, I just got my first two orders for my "Glimmer of Hope" bracelets for our Race for the Cure team and for Ovarian Cancer. They are $15 and $10 of it go straight to the charity. I'll post pictures of the bracelets soon.

Another One Out!

Saturday morning I learned that Through the Eyes of the Undead (featuring my FAVORITE story I think I've ever written, "Knock Once for Yes") is available for purchase at Amazon and Createspace. This most excellent news bolstered me through a pain filled, sleepless weekend. I should be getting my contributor copy and royalty check pretty soon. Exciting!

Quick Update

"Letters From the Dead" is now available on Amazon here . My letter is #51 and I couldn't be prouder to be included in this anthology. I ordered a copy for myself and am anxiously awaiting my contributor's copy. It has been a rather bad week for me, writing-wise. My shoulder/neck/arm trouble seems to have gotten worse and the physical therapy is painful and just saps my strength. I'm hoping a weekend of rest will give me that much needed spark again. Here's hoping...

This Is Life, There Are No Plans

I'm a compulsive list maker. Going on a trip? I make a list of items to pack...things I might want to do... Feeling hungry? I make a list of menu options and then ingredients I'd need to shop for. House a little messy? I make a list of cleaning duties for each room. And just now? That was a list, wasn't it? So Tuesday I made a list of all the things I needed to do this week but when I got home, I got some pretty devastating news about a loved one's passing. It knocked me on my butt. I just kinda sat for a while, dazed. Nothing on the list got done. This is actually the first thing I've even written so those short stories I wanted to submit this weekend sit untouched and lonely and my house is filthy and I have no food in the house but you know what? None of it matters because life is full of things that'll derail all of our plans.

Best Letter Ever Received!

Haha, that's right "Letters From the Dead" is live on !!! I'm still gonna buy a copy, even though I get a contributor's copy...I can't wait! Oh, and it should be available on Amazon sometime next week too. *runs of squealing with delight*

My Submission for Needle's Flash Fiction Challenge

"Gone Fishing" Copyright 2010 by Carey Burns Prissy jumped down from Veronica's lap and skittered to the front of the fishing boat, her paws on the side rail as she barked at the kids fishing on the shoreline. "Von, will you keep that ratty dog quiet? She's scaring away the fish." Sam reeled in his slack line, wishing he would have left her and that damn dog of hers at home instead of letting her weasel her way into his fishing trip with Bailey. Baily Evers was the only reason Von had any interest in fishing and she flirted with him mercilessly in the truck and for the first hour on the lake until Sam told her to shut her silly mouth. Since then Veronica sat sulking with Prissy whimpering in her arms. Bailey chuckled. "Maybe we can hang ol' Pris over the edge and see if there really are barracuda in this lake." He tilted back his Dodgers' cap and wiped the sweat from his brow, squinting as he stared off across the lake. "Should we

Printing Up My "Baby"

I went over my novel one last time and tonight I shall print it up so I can put in the hands of an "expert" in criminal justice and forensics. Even if she doesn't like it, I hope the forensic content will be accurate and she won't find any glaring errors. Or even any glancing errors. *worries* This has to be the year I really try to sell the hell out of that novel. In other news, watching a double feature "Day of the Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" has rekindled a zombie story I started that kinda fizzled out. Good times! That and I got to scare the bazeezus out of the hubby last night during the movie. It is fun to be evil sometimes!

Got Ya Covered

It looks like Letters From the Dead might go live sometime next week--I'm so excited! This'll be the first thing I've written published in an actual book! The front and back covers are's what they look like: I love the blood... In other news, The Scroll of Anubis is closer to print as well and here's the color cover: Despite being in pain and groggy from my bum wing, I'm so excited about this!!!

Wounded Chicken Wing

I woke Saturday morning to a horrible pain burning from my shoulder to my elbow and then down to my wrist. My first reaction was I hurt myself somehow and found a few strange bruises but they weren't tender so then I realized: my tendinitis must be back. Why? I don't know. For how long? Beats me. All I know is I'm in agony and I have no pain pills. I'm lucky that way I guess. Typing hurts. Writing hurts. Sleeping hurts. Resting my arm on my desk hurts. Time to phone the doctor. Not The Doctor. Unless it is David Tennant.

I'm Still Walking!

Well, I've been hitting the gym more to get ready for the Race for the Cure next weekend. (and look, there's still time to donate over at Careybean is Walking) Next year, I hope to do the Race for the Cure and the Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer .
I woke up feeling a little blah today with a sore throat and a headache but this made me smile! The Scroll of Anubis A Mummy Anthology by T. Patrick Rooney & Kody Boye Table of Contents The Lockwood Collection, By Mary Rajotte Amunet, By Rhiannon Frater The Companion of Jacob Bleek, By Jeffery Scott Sims The Rise of Terefini, B y John McCuaig Let Justice Be Done, By Alva J. Roberts White Cloud's Return, By Janett L. Grady Family Under Wraps, By David Bernstein Styx and Stones, By Malachy Coney Kiss of Death, By Jessy Marie Roberts The Jaws of the Jackal, By Patrick Rutigliano Caves of Gold, By Jim Bernheimer The Baron and the Cat, By Megan R. Engelhardt The Legacy of Seshat, By Jameson T. Caine The Dry Man, By Amanda C. Davis Amun’s Curse, By Carey Burns Beneath The Floorboards, By Robert Essig The Book of Osiris, By Charles Kyffhausen Balam, By Megan Bamford Mistress of the Scarab, By Miles Boothe Egypt, PA, By Wayne Goodchild The Lurker In The Depths, By Michael C.

I'm a Weeener!

My title was chosen by May December Publications for their upcoming anthology....Chivalry is Dead! In addition to that coolness, I get an autographed copy of Zomblog by TW Brown! But wait, there's more...I have the distinct honor of writing the forward for this book. Woohoo! I've been churning out more haiku horror stories and working on another zombie story for an anthology. Keeping busy makes me forget about the slush. For a while anyway.

Me Make Funny Ha-Ha

Well, so far the few people that have read "Dracula Meets the Clutter Crew" have given it a thumbs-up. I witnessed one such reader and he laughed at all the right spots, so I consider that a win! It is in the hands (or inbox) of the editor now. I'm still working away at my Haiku Horror Stories and have a favorite already. Not sure how many of these suckers would constitute a book, but I'll keep writing them and eventually, I'll stop. Here's a freebie: When you meet John Doe Try not to look at his hands Its better that way If you do see them You'll see the thick, heavy scars All pink and tender And you'll catch a glimpse Of the stub of a pinkie With smoothed-over ends You'll stare at his hands And wonder how it happened And get lost in thought While you are staring You'll remember a murder A year or so back When a girl was killed And her face burned with acid To hide who she was And then something clicks As you look look into his eye

I've Been Trapped Inside a Handmade Box For Weeks..

I thought I had pushed the queasy slush pile anticipation demons back, but they reared their ugly heads last night so I made 5 little boxes like these: I made a couple Halloween-themed and they turned out spooktacular! As I get better making them I'm gonna trick out a few with emery boards on the sides so I can really keep matches in them and they'll be useful.

Bye Bye Rat's Nest

I finally have an appointment to get my hair chopped for Locks of Love and I couldn't be happier. My hair likes to snarl and tangle so it can take almost five minutes just to comb through it so it'll be awesome not to deal with that anymore. At the hubby's request, I will be dying my hair black again but I think that'll be in May. I just hope I don't look like I'm trying to cling on to the last strands of my youth by getting it colored...we'll see.

Still Wanna Throw Up, Just Not As Violently

I got the awesome news that my story "Time to Eat" was accepted for the Library of the Living Dead Press anthology "Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters"! I've still got 6 stories out there in various slush piles so the queasiness is still there and now that I've spent a week obsessing, I think that's a good thing. If I send out something and don't have some emotional reaction, that means I don't care anymore. Then what's the point of writing?

Gonna Blow Chunks...

I get so nervous when I submit a story or when I'm waiting to hear if it is accepted or rejected that my stomach feels all wonky and miserable. Well, I'm feeling that way doubly today. I submitted a story called "Picking Up the Pieces" for the Library of Science Fiction &Fantasy anthology "No More Heroes" and I'm waiting to see if "Time to Eat" will get picked up for "Zombidays." *must do something to distract myself*


Bet that got your attention... I will be walking in the Peoria, IL Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on May 8th. I've never done a 5K before, but there's a first time for everything and it is for a good cause and I know way too many wonderful women AND men affected by breast cancer. I don't see myself running, but I will walk briskly and with purpose. (wearing SPF 100 and protective clothing for sure) If you are so inclined, you can make a donation online at my personal fundraising page

There Will Be Cupcakes

Tomorrow is the big day--36 years old and I'm still a big goof. :D Even if I have to make them myself, there will be cupcakes. Oh yes, there will be cupcakes! I lamentably didn't get any writing done last night so my goal of submitting a story tomorrow might not come to fruition. With a little luck and a little determination, I might be able to knock it out tonight though. Wish me luck!

Why I'm So Tired Today

Okay, so when I snore the hubby sleeps on the couch rather than wake me up, which is nice, but if he's not in the bed with me I have horrible nightmares. (side note: the other thing that'll guarantee I have nightmares is eating Hormel vegetarian chili from a box) Anywho, last night/this morning was no exception and I dreamed I was not only chased down by a pack of vicious wolves, I was slowly eaten alive. Bones crunched and everything. There must be a story in there somewhere. Right. So I'm almost done with my super villain tale and I'm more than pleased with it. If only I could channel that feeling into a couple other projects I've got going.

Haiku Ghost Stories

Okay, I've been bitten fiercely by the haiku bug and it will definitely leave a scar. Not a cool "Check out this one, it went clean to the bone" type of scar that I can brag about at the bar with friends, but one that itches at my brain. What does that mean? Well, it means that I would like to write up a boatload of little haiku ghost stories and put them all in one book. It would be a small book, but a book nonetheless. Here's one I wrote and posted on the Library of the Living Dead forum that got the idea rolling in my head: When the cold wind blows And the moon is overhead I believe in ghosts Yeah. So that makes project 1,567 that I want to do. Right. I'm off to create a time machine.

And Now....................................

Defying all logic and reason, the dead returned fro m death . All over the w orld, dead human bodies rose and walked the Earth in search of living human f lesh to consume. Des pite the valiant efforts of the living’s vast armies and superior weapons, the dead won the Zombie War. Defeated, the surviving governments of the world fled to the safety of their und erground bases, leaving the last living survivors to their fate. All alone, trapped, for them there was no last second rescue, no escape. The Dead surrounded them, pounding on their barricaded doors, smashing in their board ed windows. It was their last chance to say goodbye, their last chance to shout out in defiance. It was time to write their final words. For decades, the dead ruled the Earth unchallenge d, but their reign was finite. In time, they returned to the dust from which t hey came. When the living sur vivors emerged from their underground shelters, they would discover hundreds of thousands of tattered decayin

A Tired, Rambly Post

So I awoke at 1:00 this morning choking on stomach acid from my GERD. Not a pleasant thing to wake up to and then I was afraid it would happen again so I didn't really get back to sleep. (even with a couple pillows propping me up) I just love days like this. I'm sitting at 2900 words for my super villain story and I'm hoping I won't have to cut anything. We'll see how it ends, I guess. I think I made the best 'Champ' I've ever made last night. How can you go wrong with heavy cream and butter though, really? I even have some for lunch even though the diet doesn't allow white potatoes or heavy cream or that much butter, I'm working out for 45 minutes today and all my other food is healthy to the extreme. I'll be extra good this weekend. :) As scared as I was to do it, I sent a query email to a publisher because they've had a submission from me for a while and I haven't heard from them if it is held, accepted, or rejected. I

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I've always been fiercely proud of my Irish heritage and don't just need one day a year to celebrate it. While I love the notion that "everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day" all the green beer swilling and corned beef snarfing is almost insulting on some levels. Ah well. Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway.


I started my No More Heroes story last night and so far a title eludes me, but I'm sure one will crop up out of the blue. I like my character so far-even though she's a villain-and I can't wait to finish her tale. Because she's evil, she can do what I'm afraid to do or can't (if that makes sense) so it is really fun to bring her to life and hopefully end up with a story that makes people say "Wow" in a good way.

Sending is the Hardest Part

After a thorough re-write, I sent my story "Tipping the Odds" to a friend so they can rip it to shreds. I'm still iffy about this one. Ronald (the main character) is a mishmash of people I know so he is real to me and I don't know if I put enough description in to make him real to the reader. Such quandaries. Ideas are bubbling in my head for the No More Heroes anthology and I think it might be kind of cathartic to put all the fears of my own experience on a fictional character. We'll see how it turns out and whether or not the editors like the story. *fingers crossed* In other looks like our little house might be getting new flooring soon in at least 2 rooms!! I'm so excited I could spit. ;)

The Cheese Is Back

Since last Monday (March 1) I have lost 4.5 pounds and tonight I get to reintroduce cheese into my diet. I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself! A lovely sprinkle of cheese on my homemade chili will be the perfect end to a mediocre day. I have finished the first draft of my serial killer story and will start the first of many rewrites tonight. Then I'm going to work on about 3 other short stories and of course the novel that hovers over my head and my fantasy novel/ella. All of this while wondering the status of four other stories that I've already submitted to various markets.

Project Revealed! Who Took My Cheese?

Rarely do I ever wring my hands in glee, but I did today! LoSF&F announced " No More Heroes " and I am giddy like a fricking schoolgirl. I have ideas for this anthology. Big ones. Now I just need to finish a half dozen other projects so I can focus my full attention on it. Them. Whatever. I'm on day 8 of my diet/life change and so far I don't think I've lost as much as I have in the past, but I feel so much better. No soda in 8 days, oodles of fresh fruits, brown rice, yogurt, and more water than I can stand to drink. After tomorrow I can reintroduce cheese into my life. Oh, how I've missed me my cheese!

Mystery Project Drives Author Mad

There may or may not be something interesting happening over at Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press and those that know me, know mysteries or secrets or surprises drive me bonkers. I should be a raving loon by Monday when they release the details. I have a vague idea (which is, no clue but I'm going to write something anyway to get a jump on everyone else) of what it is. Anywho, I still need to finish my nightmare-inducing serial killer story this weekend. In my head he is very much real but on paper...I hope he is for the sake of a good story. We'll see what the editor thinks in the end.

Scrap It or Continue?

So I'm working on a serial killer story for an upcoming anthology and last night the killer was so real in my head that I got more than a little scared. When they say authors sometimes put a little of themselves and people they know into their work, it is true. I almost want to take some of that out but then I'm left with no story. What to do...what to do...

Like a Gloomy Lamb

Ah, March. Now that you're here you can melt all the snow and warm up the Earth a little bit, kay? I'm feeling Springy so I went out and got Sweet Pea Eau de Toilette and Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body and I went sockless yesterday. I may go sockless tomorrow too. I know, I live on the edge. Kinda in a writing slump right now. My ideas are BIG but my attention span is small so I get notes and outlines finished and that's where it all ends. Gotta do something to change that...


Ever have one of those days when ten important things must be done at the same time and while you're doing those ten important things, someone comes along and drops major bombshells (that may or may not be true) on you? I'm spent, my focus is gone, and I can't even think about writing anything right now.

Being One of THOSE Fans and Zombie Girls

I was fortunate enough to see Neil Gaiman do a reading last night and got lovely pics of him during the event like this: and this: But my favorite pic has to be of the purloined waterbottle at its new home on my bookshelf: Right. While messing with color and saturation and what-not on an old photograph (part of my Other People's Families collection) I had an epiphany: I'm going to make zombie girl jewelry. Can't wait to post pictures of the results!


Well, I heard back from the publisher I sent "The Garlicky Goat of Marinara Mountain" to and although they passed, they were very nice about it. I'm still waiting to hear from another publisher about "The Tale of Oyster Bill." *crosses fingers* In other news, Library of Horror has announced a serial killer anthology. I actually have a few projects that might work for this. We'll see if one will work out and if the editor likes it...

The Excitement of Writing for Fun

I've been writing for the past year with the goal of being published and haven't really written anything just for me, just for the heck of it in a while. I enjoy taking a theme and letting my imagination wrap around it to form a story but there's something thrilling about having a wild story just leap from the deep recesses of your brain out onto the paper. I have 3 projects I've put on hold because the fire has fizzled out and last night I just wrote and wrote and wrote a new wild story that needs to answer to no one, doesn't have to be anything to any editor, isn't anything but horror. Maybe someday I might shop it around but right now it is just mine.

Like Pouring Bleach on 1000 Pin Pricks

This very cold Valentine Weekend was spent out on the farm helping the folks get things packed up and moved for the big Final Farewell. It is always kinda depressing but the sadness gets pushed aside by the hard physical labor and the cold. Yesterday we uncovered Treasures in the attic (after breathing in much fiberglass insulation and dust) and had lots of laughs over old fashion and creepy toys. I hope my sister is true to her word and dons her Hammer Pants and Lace Top for her next Facebook profile'll be rockin. After some much needed rest tonight I will clean up all of my Treasure and display it in the house. One of the creepiest finds will become my Facebook profile picture and I cannot wait.

Things I Never Thought I'd Write About

My character (still unnamed) is taping a mason jar to his inner thigh to serve as a toilet. And he has zipper bags for solid waste. Intrigued? Disgusted? Me too! My story passed the 2K word count and is too short for most markets but we'll see if I can find it a home once I polish it up and put it in a fancy dress with lots of ribbons and lace.

Rattle Your Windows

Apparently there was a earthquake not too far away in the wee hours of the morning. The hubby was awakened by it but I slept the sleep of the weary and didn't stir. Ah, Mother Nature. The one thing humans can't control. I actually started a story last night called "The Bleeding Planet," an apocalyptic tale about man putting the desire to preserve their political freedom over their own survival as a species. (so its a feel-good kind of story)

Hey Look, It Stopped Snowing

I really dislike snow and cold. I used to think it was okay and that it covered all the ugliness in a pretty white blanket, but that enchantment has long since passed. I feel the same way about snow as I did about rain in Arizona: not a fan. On a different note, my "prequel" is over 3,000 words and humans are still looking like the bad guys. Tonight I hope to get at least another 500-700 words written. I'm aiming low...

25 Days Until Neil

That's right, I will be one of hundreds of fans swooning and laughing and applauding on February 23rd when Neil Gaiman makes an appearance in Naperville, IL for Naperville Reads. I might bring a graphic novel for him to sign (if he's signing anything) and I might also give him a package of Death tattoos that I've had for too many years than I'd like to admit. (that means I'm old) In other news, I'm almost caught up on all of my jewelry orders. The whole special order concept is great, except when it takes me weeks to get the right beads. I've been favoring one supplier lately because they offer free shipping on orders over $10 but they don't have as big of a selection of beads. Ah well. Once I get the time, I might post some pictures here of my latest obsession: fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Crying Over Spilt Ginger Ale

One of the cats urped on the carpet so I had to clean that up before leaving for work and then as I was slinging my tote bag over my shoulder, I knocked an entire glass of ginger ale off the table and onto the floor. Yet another thing to clean up, which made me a few minutes late today. Ah well.


Sometimes I wonder whether or not writing is aging me. I kinda want to do a pictorial experiment, kinda like how they show mug shots of meth heads and how much older/unhealthy they look as their addiction progresses. I know I've gained weight, but I feel so tired from my brain going full tilt and my bones ache from sitting so much. Last night I had someone tell me I looked exhausted. (just what I wanted to hear) Ah well. Maybe I am just tired after all.

We'll Call It "Carey's World"

I'm getting to delve deeper into the history behind my fairy tale and I'm borrowing from a lot of Celtic and Norse myth for my world. There's giants, fairies, ogres, trolls, dragons, talking animals, and a very wise chameleon. Everything is magical. Everything. But then things happen and the magic starts to disappear. I can't wait to finish writing this book!

Other People's Families

So I hit an antique mall yesterday and was sad to see that there really aren't a lot of old photographs. I collect them (mostly people with cats or dogs) and since being back in Illinois I've noticed they are few and far between. There was a slew of pics from the early seventies, but they seemed like reproductions. Ah well. I did get one of a little girl in a lovely white gown and a family picture that looks like two little boys are conjoined. Anywho, I wonder if the slim pickins means that people are valuing their ancestors and family histories more OR if people are snatching up all the pictures out there so they can charge outrageous prices for them. I paid over $4 for a picture yesterday that normally would be $2.

More Artsy and Less Fartsy

I've got supplies ordered to make my special web page background project from scratch. I just hope it turns out as well as I envision it. I believe that my zombie holiday story is now "done" and I can turn my attentions to that phobia story again. Once that sucker is out of the way, I will be working on "Briar's Mount: A Fairy Tale" again. If I work hard enough, I can make it through my To-Do list before July...

Cats, Mud, Exhaustion

Helped my Daddy-O on the farm this weekend and I'm wiped out and sore. The feral farm cats were watching us with suspicious eyes and one (a big alpha male) must have taken a shine to my sister and followed her everywhere yowling at her. Nothing like slogging through the mud on cold winter days to make you happy to have an office job. Here's a tip I learned this weekend: never set a plastic Shop Vac too close to a torpedo heater because it WILL melt. And if it does start to melt, don't grab it without wearing gloves. My poor thumb!!! Today I get to stay inside where it is warm and mud-free and revise my 4th of July story and once it is at its best I'll send it in. I think a Cherry Coke is calling my name...

How Kansas Ruined My Day Off

I spent SEVEN hours researching the history of the good state of Kansas for a future project. Seven hours. That's almost a full work day. I did get some great info though and the project is congealing in my head so I think if I keep reading and studying, it'll be solid enough for me to spoon out onto paper. Think of spreading jam onto buttered toast...and now I'm hungry.

Fat Don't Shimmy

I wrote that line last night and I'm still laughing (softly) to myself. I really hope this story gets accepted into the anthology. *crosses fingers* Tonight I think I might hole up in my office at home and finish this tale so I can edit it on Monday. I still need to come up with a title for it and hopefully it'll come to me in a moment of divine inspiration.

Welcome to My Cluttered Mind

They say a cluttered house is a physical sign of a cluttered mind and I totally agree. My office has been a complete disaster area for months now and that disaster creeps out into our living room and rests on and around the coffee table. I'm working on clearing out though, little by little. My mind needs a lot more work, unfortunately. I've been working on a story for an upcoming zombie holiday anthology and totally forgot about the phobia story I started. I wonder how the big authors out there manage... (probably with an assistant or two, I wager) If I don't get on the stick, I'll miss both deadlines. Wish me luck....

New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year! May your greatest goals be reached, may you find happiness around every turn, and may you always have a reason to smile. While taking stock of what I hope to achieve this year, I decided that I want to overhaul this blog. I want it to be pretty. I want it to reflect more of me. So, I will be working on a unique background for the blog and perhaps overhaul the content too. I've already started the year off on a couple of bright notes: I got a story accepted into an anthology called "Letters From the Dead" (Library of the Living Dead Press) and it sounds like a very unique anthology. I can't wait to read the whole thing. Roman Dirge accepted me as a friend on Facebook. Yes, I'm easily excited.