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Loving the Numbers

The latest of my shorts that will be published in upcoming anthologies: "The Snipe Hunt" will appear in The Ladies of Horror (Library of Horror Press) "Minimized Exposure" will appear in Night of the Giving Dead (Library of the Living Dead Press) This makes a total of seven stories being published as of right now.

Tissue Issues

I'm back in the land of the living. It wasn't swine flu but it was a nasty whatever it was. Missed 3 days of the day job and got no writing done at all so I'm behind. *sigh* Now I have to catch up on some projects and I'm just a sleepy gal. Ah well. Almost done with my submission for the "The Ladies of Horror" anthology. This one I want to be awesome. *nervous smile*

Doing "Good"

Library of the Living Dead announced a charity project called "Night of the Giving Dead." All proceeds of the sales will go to First Book . If you write and can come up with a good zombie tale that is 6K words or less, send it in! If you read and like good zombie tales then snatch this anthology up once it is out!

Tangled in a Web

I'm almost done with my "redesign." I dig the way it looks so far but it needs "something" so I will consult a webby friend for his input. Taking a CSS course and HTML tutorials does not a web designer make. :) Now back to writing stories, which is what I really like to do.

Getting Serious

Not that I wasn't before. I'm doing a drastic overhaul to the little web page I created for myself so that it looks a smidge more professional. Good times... Anything to take my mind off whether or not the agent will contact me and whether my other two submissions were well received.

On Why I'm So Grumpy

"Carey, you've had five stories accepted into publication, why the grumpiness?" Well, because I want to do more. Loads more. But this full-time job of mine just seems to suck my energy to the point that I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I dream of days when all I have to do is wake up, pull my hair into some sort of decency, and sit down and write. And write. And write.

This Wind Evidently Doesn't "Blow"

I just got the awesomely fantastic news that "Winds of the Enemy Ancestors" will be published in the upcoming anthology "Vampology!" (Library of Horror Press) I can't express how it feels to have something you created from just a terrifying nightmare emerge into something that someone else feels is worthy of publishing. Were I not so exhausted this morning, I'd be dancing in my chair.

What Happens When You Work Your Butt Off?

You get another short story published, that's what. My version of "Sleeping Beauty" (now with zombies!) will be featured in the upcoming anthology "Feary Tales." (coming soon from Library of the Living Dead Press) I submitted "Winds of the Enemy Ancestors" yesterday as well and am just waiting to see what the publisher thinks. Cross your fingers!!!