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Why I'm not writing right now

I've got the worries. MRI for my neck is scheduled for Thursday and I fear a) surgery is the only option and b) even surgery won't help. Um, my neck hurts. See above. I've got a wicked case of the "Everything I Write Is a Steaming Pile of Poo." Is there a cure for this? *awaits answer* I brought the wrong flashdrive. That's it in a nutshell. Now for a walk to clear my head.

On the Second Day of Hallowe'en My True Love Gave to Me...

I have to take time here to get mushy. Last night after a particularly frustrating day of work, I came home to the most epic gift I have ever received: a Halloween 'advent calendar' in the form of a bookshelf. The hubby started working on this epic gift in January and kept his secret VERY well! He told me how he hollowed out each book, painted some of the spines, found images to glue, sanded and painted a bookshelf...all for little old me. I opened the first book last night to discover an adorable jack o' lantern ornament from Arkansas and today's book contained a framed piece he made out of some of the lines of the books he cut up and the image of a *cringe* spider. This man gets me. I try to say it often, and sometimes in strange voices...I love this man.