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5K Fridays!

"I haven't made 5K yet, but hell, I'm writing and that's what matters.  Right?" Wrong!  I need to get over this mental state pretty darned quick so I can finish this novel that has itself wrapped around my neck like a too-tight scarf.  Comforting and strangling all in the same breath.  With that, I bid you farewell and a pleasant weekend!

Call Off the Search Team

The big clean-up went rather well and the office looks great.  Now I can get back to fun stuff like writing and dreaming up silly Halloween decorations for myself. I went through my flashdrives the other night and rediscovered shorts that I wrote for fun and haven't touched since.  There's a couple gems in there and my goal for Friday (or maybe today...) is to send them out to different publishers.  I will also be starting "Five Thousand Fridays" where my goal is to write 5K words in one day.  If I do that for the rest of the summer, I'll get my novel finished.  Rock.  On.  Looks like some cool things are happening with two stories of mine.  1.  "No More Heroes" might be taken on by a comic publisher, which would be incredible. 2.  The tentative cover of "Zombies Gone Wild" is pretty rad... Should be a great summer!!!

Send in a Search Team...

I'm cleaning up the office today, which means the closet as well.  I like my closet, it is pretty well-organized, but there is A LOT of crap in there.  We're talking a shelf stacked with 5 huge plastic tubs of Halloween and I always worry that they will come tumbling down ontop of me one of these days.  Will today be the day?  Will anyone find me other than the 2 curious housecats that get excited at the new playroom Lady creates when she opens the door in the office?  If you don't hear from me for a while, consider sending in search dogs, but don't let them play with my Bethany Lowe kitty cat...he's a collectible! Also, don't let them pee on my works in progress.  I know some of them are rough, but come on. 

There Is More Than Corn in Indiana...

We just got back from a camping trip to Indiana and even though I wish it would have lasted forever, I'm glad to be home.  The small seed of a story idea I got on the way there was germinating all weekend and I'm thinking pretty soon it'll be ready to harvest.  It'll be pretty bloody and there will be body parts.  Lots and lots of body parts.