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Great Gorey Chicago!

I've been a big fan of Edward Gorey's for a long, long time and enjoy sending Gorey Christmas cards to friends and family and wonder if the recipients enjoy the Great Veiled Bear as much as I do... How I went so long without knowing about the exhibit at the Loyola University Museum of Art , I don't know. Perhaps the rock I live under blocks out cool news like this? I do know that I owe a big debt of gratitude to my brother for tipping me off and look forward to checking it out!

A tip from me to you

"Hey...I got a cool idea for a story, but no time to write it. I'll just jot it down on this liquor store receipt and tape it over here..." I've done this too many times to count and those receipts pile up as do the scraps of paper. I always think I'll just sit down some Saturday with a mug of cocoa, listen to some chill music and organize them in a file on my computer. I've been saying that since 1998. Seriously. Last night I took a 4 inch stack of story ideas and longhand stories and started typing them up. After the tenth file was saved, I wanted to cry. There's so much I could have been working on all these years but instead, they've just been languishing in a pile. And there's still more to type up. I offer you my advice: Take the few minutes when an idea hits you (or as soon as possible) and create a file on your computer or flashdrive of choice (mine is currently an adorable Hello Kitty model that looks like me) and type it up! Save i

40 Schmorty

Ah, I'm forty years young today. I was woken by claps of thunder and flashes of lightning and I smiled because that is my kind of day! I've done nothing constructive all day, except post photos on Facebook and run a mile on the trampoline. I had lofty goals to paint the wood trim around the doors and window in our front entry but it is just too cold for that (or for me, anyway). Oh, and I did post a giveaway on my Facebook page. Feel free to play along if you'd like a free copy of Hair Baby and Other Weird Tales . Thanks for following my ramblings.