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Showing posts from August, 2009

New Name, Same Story

The title to my apocalyptic story is now "Desert Oasis" and I just submitted it last night. It always amazes me how little shards of myself end up in my writing and sometimes they sting when I read them. That happened with this story. On to werewolves.

Building Eden

The apocalyptic story ("Project Eden") is chugging along rather well. I hope to have it finished by Monday so that I can do revisions and send it in. "Little Brown Bat" is now out of my hands and flitting happily to the publisher to see if they want him. I hope so, he's cute. Once I finish "Project Eden" I shall return to my werewolf tale so that it is ready for the opening day of submissions. Then I might revisit the children's book that I wrote years ago... The fun never ends!

Busy As a Bee

Had a very productive lunch hour and have a full page of my apocalyptic story written. Yay! Also got the goods to send out the kid's story "Little Brown Bat" via snail mail to the publisher. We'll see what happens...

Mummy is the Word

I'm super happy to announce that " Amun's Curse" will appear in the Library of Horror's The Scroll of Anubis. This makes lucky number eleven for those that are keeping score... Now I'm working on an apocalyptic story and sending out a children's fiction story. Good times.