Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 30

Shrunken Skull

Shrinky Skull!

I've had a Shrinky Dink kit for jewelry for several years and only made a few things out of it. A few weeks ago, I thought about making an articulated Shrinky Dink skeleton, but the paper I have isn't big enough for the size I wanted. Sifting through my royalty-free clip art collection from Dover, I decided to make a skull ornament.

Shrinky Dink plastic sheets
Felt tip pen
Aluminum foil
Baking pan

Hole punch (mine came with the kit)

The How:
I traced out my image on the rough side of the Shrinky dink paper, per the instructions, adding shading where appropriate. It was time-consuming but it reminded me of my college osteology class. We spent a lot of time sketching the different bones in the lab and I still have many of my drawings.
Base image

With Shrinky Dink paper and my sketch over the top

Lifting the sketch off

My sketch

I trimmed around the skull and positioned the hole punch...then applied too much pressure apparently because the hole punch shattered in my hands! Oh the humanity... There was only a slight impression in the Shrinky Dink paper so I used a razor blade to cut the hole.

With the baking pan prepped per the kit directions, I baked my skull and let it cool. That sounds weird.

It was scary making the skull because the heat of the over warps the plastic material and you want to cry, but it eventually straightens out. I liked the skull so much, I decided to make a polycephalic conjoined twin...

Happy Halloween Eve!!
I first saw this image in osteology class. Hello, old friend.

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