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A Post Before the End

I figured if the world is supposed to end tomorrow, I better get one last blog in... Let's see...I'm officially a 5-time NaNoWriMo failure, but I'm okay with that because I got an A+ in my class.  Priorities.... My contributor copy of The Snuff Syndicate arrived and I'm pleased to see my story "Tipping the Odds" in print.  I did get a rejection for my story "The Witches in the Walls," but the editor was kind and gave me some really good criticism.  Now I have a new twist for the story, but I can't quite bring myself to write it yet.  We'll see what happens. Right now I'm enjoying the first day of my vacation and gearing up to make almond bark and stories sing.  If we're all still here after tomorrow, I'll do something fun on the blog.  Maybe share a story for free or post bits from a project (hint:  cartoon crabs)...hmm....