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Work In Progress

I started another assemblage piece called "The Remains of Love" and it started off great with separate pieces somehow just fitting together like magic. A pile of plastic bones...a cobbled-together Cupid...a very old photo of a bride and groom...

To say I  am a novice at this "art" thing is a big understatement. I'm getting better, but am still figuring out what supplies do (and don't) play well together.

The first mishap was learning that the adhesive I used to attach a bisque doll to a metal piece failed when a rusting agent was applied. There was some cursing, but I got over it.

The second mishap was the glitter texture I wanted over the plastic bones. For some reason, the acrylic paint I used just didn't want to stick to the plastic. Never had this problem before, it was frustrating. Then the glitter was too big and totally camouflaged the bones to make them look like sparkly blobs. The smaller glitter just wouldn't stick.

Next, the stain I appli…

The Perils of Being a Mermaid

I've been working on quite a few artsy projects lately and have posted a few on my Etsy store for sale. One that I'm really proud of is "The Perils of Being a Mermaid."

This piece started when I found two old wooden drawers at an antique fair. $8 for the pair was just the right price, even if I didn't know what I'd do with them. The next thing I found was a really neat antique Arthur Court picture frame with wonderful details of seaweed, fish, and shells. It was broken so I think I only paid $6 for it. While wandering around a few antique malls in Southern Illinois, I stumbled upon a bag of three antique bisque figurines for $4 and the mermaid inside was just what I was looking for!
With the basics covered, I decided to add some texture to the background with molding paste. With a paint knife, I added some lines in hopes they would look like ripples in the water. I used Tim Holtz Distress Stain.
I almost left the frame and mermaid alone, but they looked disjo…