Monday, October 20, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 20

Blood Sample Ornaments

I wonder how many people will try this one...

I’ve had these microscope slides and frames in my craft bin for years and rediscovered them while looking for supplies for another craft. At first I wanted to make something with scrapbook paper and my “Other People’s Family” photos, but then I looked at all the bloody jars I made and decided to make blood samples. Maybe they're the favorites of a very meticulous vampire...maybe they're part of a murder investigation...maybe they're from a mad scientist's lab..

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my day testing out alcohol ink on the glass, with Glossy Accents, with regular white glue, with dry glue…just to make sure this would work. The ink on clean glass looked the most gruesome.

  • These should only be used indoors so the glass doesn’t get broken.
  • Take care when handling the glass slides so that you don’t get cut.
  • The alcohol inks do have fumes—use them in a well-ventilated area and keep them away from heat or open flames. 
  • The inks may stain, so wear gloves and cover your work area with newspapers or waxed paper.

Glass microscope slides—2 per ornament (I used Inkssentials™ Memory Glass™ 1” by 3”)
Hinged metal frames to fit the slides (I used Inkssentials™ Memory Frames™ 1” by 3”)
Alcohol ink (I used Tim Holtz® Adirondack Alcohol Ink® in Red Pepper and Mushroom)
Waxed paper
String, ribbon, or hooks to hang the ornaments (I used cotton string)

A few things you'll need

The How:

Lay out a piece of waxed paper to cover your work area. Clean each glass slide with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil and when you handle the slides, hold them by the edges to keep them smudge-free.

Open the tab hinge of a frame and carefully slide the side that has the slot on it away from the tab to open your frame. Be careful opening the frames—I’ve snapped one apart using too much force before. Do this for all of the frames and set them aside.

You will apply ink to one slide and keep a blank slide for each ornament.

Looking pretty bloody here, Boss.
Open the bottle of Red Pepper ink and place a few drops on the slide. You can let each drop dry then add another drop or add all the drops at one time. When you like how they look, stop, re-cap the bottle and let the ink dry completely.

Open the bottle of Mushroom ink and place a few drops where there isn’t much red coverage. Re-cap the bottle and let dry.

Add more drops of red it you think it needs it. This is entirely on how you want it to look. Once you think it is done, set the slide aside to dry completely.

Add embellishments as desired. (see below)

Take a blank slide and layer it over the inked side of the slide you just created. This will make sure the glass fits snugly inside the frame and protect the ink from damage.
Just a few embellishments

Carefully maneuver the slide sandwich into an open frame. Ease the tab into the slot and line up your corners. When you are satisfied with the fit, fold the tab closed.

Tie a loop through the ring of the frame hang your ornaments with care.

So sinister...

I added a little personality to each slide with case numbers. I've got Tim Holtz scrapbook paper with movie tickets on it, so I cut out just the ticket numbers, added black paint to the cut edges and glued them on the inked slide with Glossy Accents.

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