Friday, September 22, 2017

Free Fiction Friday: The Creatures from the Lock

Happy Free Fiction Friday! As we were driving by the canal near my home, the smell of rotting dead fish was hanging heavy on the morning mists and I gagged more than a few times. Normally, I would be crazy for a walk along the canal on the first day of fall, but that was more than off-putting. Perhaps there's more than dead fish down there?

"The Creatures from the Lock" is a haiku from my book, Haiku Horror Stories. Bear in mind that these are not traditional haikus. These are more micro flash fiction in a haiku format. Hope you enjoy!

The Creatures from the Lock
Copyright 2012 Carey Burns 

I walked the canal
Racing against the sunset
That's when they come out

Stories of huge beasts
With rat-like teeth and sharp claws
Hairless, foul, and pale

They hunt in small packs
And block your path east and west
So that you are trapped

Canal to the north
With dense forest to the south
I pick up my pace

As I near the bridge
I can see the parking lot
My calves are on fire

I hear soft growling
And see movement up ahead
I skid to a stop

Three sets of green eyes
Flash at me in the forest
I pray they are dogs

And closer they creep
As tall as German Shepherds
With ratty faces

Their jaws snap at me
And I close my eyes real tight
Before they attack