Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 14

Crackle Jacks

Good looking jacks!

Today I decided to use up some items I bought last year on clearance: paper pulp jack o' lanterns. I've got a few more paper pulp items that will rear their ugly heads later in the month. Since I had a lot of time before work, during lunch, and after work, I decided to paint these little fellas and give them a crackle finish.

Acrylic paint (oranges, browns, white or the colors of your choice)
Paper pulp jack o' lanterns
Crackle Glaze (I used Tim Holtz® Clear Distress Crackle Paint by Ranger®)
Sheet of waxed paper

Paint brushes (I used several)

The How:

The things you'll need!
Lay a sheet of waxed paper down over your work surface. It will catch any paint drips and when the jack is totally finished and dry, it won't stick to the paper. 

Choose the color you want to use first and squeeze some paint on your palette. Paint an even coat on the outer surface of the jack o' lantern, leaving the stem unpainted.  Set aside to dry.


One coat of paint looking rather sad.
Choose your next color and repeat the process with either a fresh brush or a cleaned, dry brush. I blended my oranges with a bit of brown to make a rusty-colored jack. Depending on the color and how it looks once the first coat dries, you may need another coat. For the white jack o' lantern, I did use two coats.

When the paint is completely dry, you'll want to add the layer of crackle.


I folded the waxed paper in half so that the side with paint spots on it was inside and put my jack o' lanterns
on the fresh surface. 

With a fresh brush, I added a layer of crackle paint over the entire surface of the jack o' lanterns, again avoiding the stems.

Once the crackle dried, the jacks were more matte in appearance.

You can see the crackle show up nicely!

When I got home, I added a light brushing of black ink with a paper towel and  then rubbed most of the ink off just to give them an aged look. I finished them all off with brown paint on their stems and they were all done.
Welcome to the patch!