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And Then There Was One

After trying to wrangle my main vampire character for the last few days, he's finally behaving because he's he last of his kind. (that he knows of anyway) I'm feeling a little sorry for him, but that's what he gets for wanting power beyond imagination and eternal life, right? I hear Zombology II is closer to being done, so that means volume III is on the distant horizon. I shall do a proper review of volume I as soon as I finish reading the last couple stories. (if I could only add three or four more hours to each day I could accomplish everything!)

Inventing Folklore

The story I'm currently working on, "Winds of the Enemy Ancestors," keeps taking a lot of strange twists. Now it looks like it wants to take another. I'll just go with it and do yet another rewrite...

My Brain is So Fried, Zombies Wouldn't Even Want It

I feel like Stretch Armstrong must have felt. My arms and legs can only go so far before they get ripped from their sockets and I scream in agony and blood might spurt out and...well, you get the idea. I'm close to finishing the vamp story and will send that off with a hearty "Good Luck" and a smack on its backside.

It's a Dark Ride After All

I just have to name this story "Dark Ride" because...well, just because my gut told me so. I finished it last night and today I shall be editing and writing a short bio. Not a fan of the bio, but they are a necessary evil.

Hat Trick (kind of)

Three stories published now--"Outbreak" will also appear in Zombology IV from Library of the Living Dead. I'm so excited I want to run squealing through the lower levels of this building...

A Dark Ride

Well, after getting to the pinnacle spot of my side show story, I think a better name than "The Forgettable" would be "Dark Ride." But we'll let my gut fight that out once it is finished. I wasn't able to read any stories from Zombology I last night because I was too busy making zombie-ish cupcakes. Tasty!

Zombie Crazy

I got my copy of Zombology I and the stories are VERY good! I highly recommend reading "Rule Hard, Or Die Free" by Tel Williams. I shared my story with the family at Easter but didn't ask anyone what they thought--it is just weird doing that. (for me anyway) My niece, the amazing artist, drew a very awesome zombie picture for me. I suggested she look into getting her work used for these anthologies and mags and I hope she has some awesome luck. I signed my first autograph (in slime-green marker, no less) and the men-folk played Left 4 Dead. Zombies on Easter? There's a joke in there, albeit not a very PC one...

Silent Marketing

Those that know me, know I can be a loudmouthed little so-and-so, but why is it that when in comes to marketing, I'm a shy little pipsqueak? I should be screaming BUY ZOMBOLOGY, but I feel so...inexperienced in the whole publishing world that I might use the wrong terms. Ah well. Here's an attempt anyway. Not only is Zombology available at CreateSpace and , you can purchase a copy from ! If you love/like/loathe zombies, you should really get a copy. Stimulate the economy!

Telling Fortunes

My character is just about to get her fortune read. I remember going to a "Turn of the Century" fair and pestering my mom to let me get my palm read, but she nixed it. I'm jealous of my gal Jane. Zombology I is available on Amazon now too--tell your friends!!!

Bouncing Brains

That's what I'm suffering from right now. Hectic work day + loads of sugar + loads of caffeine = Bouncing Brains. Anywho, I'm nearly done with the short story for Library of Horror Press and then need to get cracking on the one for Side Show 2 , but see the above paragraph... *sigh*