Saturday, October 18, 2014

Creep-a-Day Challenge Day 18

Patchwork Pumpkin
One patchwork pumpkin!

I woke up feeling not so great today and stayed in bed too long, but hey, gotta craft something... My calendar said it was Decoupage Pumpkin Day, so I had no choice.

Mod Podge or your favorite glue/glaze medium
Scraps of patterned paper
Paper pulp pumpkin
Acrylic paint (brown)
Waxed paper

Paint brush
Cup or tub to hold the Mod Podge
Your hands

The How:
Some goodies you need
I bought this paper pulp pumpkin on clearance last year and I have one more that will (I think) be in the
challenge next week. I also had a plastic tub from deli leftovers so I washed and dried it to be my Podge holder. I placed a large piece of waxed paper down under the pumpkin to catch any drips.

I ripped up pieces of patterned paper and dipped a piece in the Podge. I tried to remove any excess and then slapped the paper on the pumpkin, smoothing it down and covering the exposed surface with Podge. It was messy and it was fun and the cats didn't get petted for a few hours. I alternated patterns and just made a patchwork mess.

Nothing like watching Podge dry!!

Still drying...

This craft took a very  long time to dry and when it was nearly dry, I discovered some bare spots so I had to add a few more bits to fill it in.

all my bits covered, I propped the pumpkin on a big cup to dry and applied a nice layer of brown paint to the stem. I might take a photo of it in the morning when it is (hopefully) totally dry, but for it is!!!
I may have had pants in this pattern when I was little...

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