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Dreamscapes and a Dreary Day

I started this blog off staring out at a gray day at a decaying pile of gray snow and wishing I was someplace warm. Someplace not here. Now it is the next morning and I'm cold and tired and still wishing for that someplace else. I've been stalled on a writing project project for too long with nothing new to switch over to, so I've been crafting things. These are alcohol ink dreamscapes that I've completed and I've been searching for something in their faint stars and rippled skies to inspire me. Nothing so far. I've also been working on a necklace for an upcoming raffle. Perhaps the repetitive action of making wrapped loops will put me in a zen enough state where I can see what this character of mine wants. If anything, maybe the creative outlet will just get me out of this funk. Spring is soon, right?