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31 Tags of Halloween: Day 12

Today's tag was really begun last night and finished today. I'm not feeling very well today so I'm at home taking it easy. I decided to make a shaker tag when a piece of Tim Holtz packaging caught my eye and I'm planning on submitting it to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge "Not a Card" this week.

Let me start by saying that I haven't ever made a shaker card or tag before but inspiration struck me and I cobbled together something a little different...and definitely not a card!

My supplies included a tag, Tim Holtz Halloween paper stash, Tim Holtz Vignette Panel, Distress Stain in Hickory Smoke, Distress Ink in Black Soot, Distress Marker in Black Soot, Glossy Accents, Tim Holtz Collage Medium, Tim Holtz Halloween ephemera Eye doctor, Tim Holtz Pumpkin Pieces plastic packaging, Distress Clear Rock Candy glitter, black glitter paper (from my stash), E6000 glue, Tim Holtz metal word band, Tim Holtz Halloween Trimmings, and black creepy drape fabric.

First, I traced out the tag onto the Halloween paper, making sure to trace out the hole. I set the tag and traced copy aside.

Next, I added Distress Stain to the raw sides of the Vignette Panel. They will be hidden, but I didn't want to leave them untouched. 

I added a thin layer of Collage Medium to the top inch of the Panel and set the drape fabric over it to dry. I'm still on the fence about the Collage Medium. No matter how thin a layer, it seems to take forever to dry and on my last project it had a hazy quality to it. I'll keep testing it out to get the hang of it.

While the medium dried, I realized I didn't trace out the Panel onto my glitter paper. Carefully, I traced it out and cut the paper. I added Glossy Accents to the back side of the paper and added it to the side of the Panel without the fabric.

I set the Panel aside for the medium and Glossy Accents to dry.

I noticed the interior packaging of the Tim Holtz Pumpkin Pieces looked like a it would make a swell crystal ball. I figured if I cut carefully, I could leave a flat lip around the domed part of the plastic so I could glue it to paper.

It worked! I grabbed my Tim Holtz Halloween ephemera and grabbed the large eyeball design. The plastic fit around it wonderfully!

I added glitter into my makeshift crystal ball and carefully put down a bead of Glossy Accents to the rim, capping it with the eyeball. I held it in place until it dried...and then I realized I didn't trace it out on the my Halloween paper! With luck, there was another domed piece I could cut out to trace. I used a scrap piece of Bristol board and dry fitted it to my crystal ball.

 Satisfied with the fit, I placed my Vignette Panel onto the Halloween paper and made a fold where the top was. I traced my template onto the patterned paper and cut it out then edged it with my Distress Marker.
I added Glossy Accents to the top of the rim of the plastic and to the rest of the oval ephemera then pressed the patterned paper over it until it dried.

I decided to add a bead of Glossy Accents around the plastic and sprinkled some fine graphite-colored glitter to it.

With my creepy crystal ball done, I returned to the Panel. The Medium was barely dry so I added Glossy Accents to the back of it to hold the sides of the fabric in place. My little table was complete!

I added E6000 to the back of the Panel and added it below the crystal ball.

Next, I positioned the word band above the little scene and made marks for where I could punch holes for my brads.

I used my 1/8 inch hole punch and then added a bit of Glossy Accents to the back of the word band before securing it in place.

I used Tim Holtz Halloween Trimmings for the string.

I'm so pleased with how this tag turned out! I'm keeping this one for sure and hope the glitter doesn't end up leaking out somehow...


  1. Absolutely brilliant! Love the idea and execution.

  2. Thanks! I think I'll be saving all of my plastic packaging from now on! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! A shaker eyeball??? Who thinks of this stuff? I'm still swooning from your Witch's Lair entry and this is another stunner. I really love the out-of-the-box way you create your art. And I'm amazed that you created something so extraordinary when you didn't even feel good! Hope you are feeling better and thanks again for sharing your work with us here at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!

    1. Thank you! Gotta give props to Tim Holtz--he makes it easy for my imagination to run away with itself! I am feeling better, thank you. :)


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