Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Monday

The Library of Horror has yet another anthology that I've got a story idea for. Behold, Made You Flinch: Horror Stories to Unnerve, Disturb, and Freak You Out. I worry about the word limit though. My idea might make better flash than a 4-7K story, but who knows.

Because I haven't been writing after work everyday since June, the battery on my Mini is totally dead and to get a replacement won't be cheap. So, I'll have to work with it plugged in all the time until I have the extra cash to get a new (perhaps even better) battery.

I've been battling with work stress and my GERD for about a week now and early this morning I had the joy of gagging on stomach acid in my sleep. Nothing like fearing choking in your sleep to keep you awake the rest of the night. So...after dinner tonight I'm going to relax and then perhaps go to sleep early. Here's hoping for an acid-free night.

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