Monday, March 15, 2010

Sending is the Hardest Part

After a thorough re-write, I sent my story "Tipping the Odds" to a friend so they can rip it to shreds. I'm still iffy about this one. Ronald (the main character) is a mishmash of people I know so he is real to me and I don't know if I put enough description in to make him real to the reader. Such quandaries.

Ideas are bubbling in my head for the No More Heroes anthology and I think it might be kind of cathartic to put all the fears of my own experience on a fictional character. We'll see how it turns out and whether or not the editors like the story. *fingers crossed*

In other looks like our little house might be getting new flooring soon in at least 2 rooms!! I'm so excited I could spit. ;)

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